TMHPR and North Texas Giving Day

If you were a donor, an adopter, or a foster for our organization (or perhaps all three) TMPHR thanks you. We could not save these precious pets without fosters to home them, adopters to give them their forever home, or donors to help cover our veterinary costs. 

We raised $61,508 this year!

There are a lot of expenses that are incurred to get these pets to the place where they can be adopted. We make sure all the pets have the needed vaccinations and are sterilized so we are not adding to the over whelming pet overpopulation. Occasionally we have a pet that comes to us injured or ill and requires additional care. All of this is part of making them ready for adoption. 

Our funding comes primarily from donations during North Texas Giving day, other donors who make monthly pledges or one time contributions, and a small amount from grants that we are eligible to apply. 

Lots of hands and lots of hours and passionate hearts go into our mission of saving pets. It truly takes a village.

2 thoughts on “TMHPR and North Texas Giving Day”

  • That’s great. We adopted from y’all in Dec 2011. She’s a heeler and still going strong. So glad y’all saved her. She’s the best dog.

  • We adopted our havenese from you nearly 4years ago. He has been the sweetest dog ever❤️ Can’t imagine life without him!

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