It’s kitten season: Meet the “outlaw” litter

It’s kitten season in Dallas and that means many, many cats and their babies need our help. Take Me Home Pet Rescue continues to take on the challenge and do our part to rescue as many litters as we can.

What each litter has in common is the need for medical care and supplies and foster love. Vaccinations, spay or neuter, medicines, food, litter, toys… adds up fast. The overall average cost per cat is $350 and can be more if there is an extraordinary medical expense.

Here is just one sweet example of a deserving cat family that we have posted about before. Mom’s name is Jane and she gave birth to five kittens at a local shelter. This cat family took their freedom ride two days after the kittens were born.

This beautiful family has come to be known as the Outlaw litter and the kittens are named Jesse, Billy, Clyde, Bonnie and Belle. Check out the picture in the collage with Jane and Jesse (her mini me) in her arms… a heart- warming image of mother love and kitten cuteness.

At this minute, there are four more examples of cat families just like this that TMHPR is helping and there are always more to rescue, especially at this time of year.

Can we count on you to donate to help us cover the costs involved in rescuing and rehoming deserving cats like Jane and her kids? Please help us give this beautiful family a good start.

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