Foster Story: Tenacious Spirits

Health emergencies are unfortunately a regular occurrence when rescuing pets. The vet bills are often a strain, but the aftercare is its own animal. The support we get from donations allows us to fund every part of the recovery journey.

We still have a few hours of North Texas Giving Day left. We’re still trying to reach our goal of $50,000 and would love your support!

When we save a cat family from a local shelter, we sigh with relief that we could help and they are safe. Sometimes, though, this relief is short-lived. A happy story can quickly turn scary due to the discovery of serious health issues.

Such is the story of the Spirit litter. A few days after this family was rescued and settled into a loving foster home, Mom Honey and her six beautiful three-week old kittens were ravaged by a life-threatening virus. They were rushed to the ER vet, diagnosed with Feline Panleukopenia and admitted into the ICU. There is no cure for this life-threatening virus – the only treatment is 24/7 supportive care.

Sadly, four of the kittens passed away, unable to survive this awful virus. After a couple of days of intensive care, Mom and her surviving kittens, Shiner and Stella, were discharged from the vet and moved to a home with a foster mom who is well-versed on the supportive care they required.

It was a long road back to health, but today, these three survivors are doing great!

The cost for intensive treatment like this was over $6,000, which does not include the costs of continued care in their foster home.

We can never predict what exactly will come to our doorstep, but saving lives is what we signed up for. Although we can’t save them all, we work hard to save as many as possible. And we hope on North Texas Giving Day, you will help us continue this mission to rescue the cats and dogs who badly need our help.

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