December 2020 Newsletter

We Have Moved!

Our new location is 580 W. Arapaho, Suite 433, Richardson, TX 75080.

We have finished renovating but still need to organize a bit! We love our new home… next to Holy Frijoles and Truckers Café and look forward to resuming our Meet & Greets as soon as we can safely do so. In addition to a new facility, we have also changed our mailing address.

The new mailing address is P.O. Box 831102, Richardson, TX 75083.

We Keep Rescuing!

We normally rescue approximately 250 dogs, cats, kittens, puppies year. This year we will have rescued over 400 animals.
Thanks to our fabulous Foster Coordinators: Betsy Venden, Melanie Bullock and Laura Groshek and wonderful fosters who have gone above and beyond, this has been our most impactful year.

We Keep Collaborating!

We continue to work with Duck Team6, and Rocky RoadSanctuary, and independent small rescues to bring abandoned animals into our program. We are so fortunate to team with these groups with one goal….to find loving homes for animals that have been neglected and forgotten.

We keep Fundraising!

There is not ONE non-profit, business, individual, etc. that HAS NOT been impacted by 2020. We rely on individual, corporate and foundation donations to offset our veterinary costs which average about $15,000 per month.

Penelope Needs Our Help

Penelope was a stray from East Texas who obvious had been neglected for a long time – she is settling in with her Foster & is doing great.
Her skin issues are a problem but we will continue her medicated baths & oral medication.
Please help us help her & other canine & feline pals that need extended veterinary care.

Featured Dog: Gusto

Gusto is the most chill Staffordshire terrier in the world. Has been adopted and abandoned twice…. but when he wound up in a Dallas neighborhood and was spotted by the residents his life changed. The neighborhood fed him and contacted Duck Team 6 to trap and get him out of harm’s way. They did and asked TMHPR to take him into our program. How could we ever say NO after seeing his wonderful face.

Gusto is now living with a wonderful foster and receiving lots of backside scratches. He is a handsome dude in his holiday jammies.

He unfortunately is heartworm positive and will be undergoing treatment for that. He has a wonderful disposition…is good with dogs and cats. More information will be available on our website when he is ready for his new home.

We Need You!

To help with administration/vet checks
To help with handyman/handywoman projects
To help with facility maintenance/cleaning
To help with fundraising
To help us advocate spay/neuter
To help us promote “adopt NOT shop”

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