Adoption Event with Plano Senior High Student Council

Post written by Trish Manche

Thank you to Plano Senior High Student Council for hosting Take Me Home Pet Rescue!

Plano Senior High’s Student Council invited Take Me Home Pet Rescue to an exclusive adoption event held at their high school located at Park Boulevard and Independence in Plano. The event was held Saturday, April 23rd, with several Take Me Home Pet Rescue cats and dogs in attendance. A huge THANK YOU to our foster parents who brought their foster pets and hung out for a while. Having our foster pets out there at this type of event is so great. It gives the opportunity for attendees who might be potential adopters or future potential adopters can get the word out about the awesome foster pets at Take Me Home who are looking for theirfur-ever homes. We even had a few TMHPR alumni dogs in attendance with their “pawrents”. There were some attendees who would have gladly adopted our alumni dogs too!

The Student Council did a fabulous job of marketing the event as well as providing much of the setup. The dogs had a lovely area on the patio near the water and the cats were just inside the doors just off the patio. The students made sure the dogs got in their walks during the event and had plenty of fresh water for them to drink. The cats got plenty of cuddles and pets inside as well. Also inside there were craft tables where visitors or volunteers were welcome to create small blankets along with other supplies to make cat toys or dog toys. All craft items created were donated to TMHPR.

There was also a lovely pancake artist, Aanchal Gupta of PANKY Doodle who attended the event and has made pancake making an art form. The pancakes were awesome to view and tasted good too, one of mine was stolen by a foster dog who thought it was pretty awesome too!

We made many contacts with students, as well as their friends and family who got to meet our awesome adoptable pets. Kimberly, our volunteer coordinator, spent time talking to some of the students about volunteer hours that could be earned by working at the center or by fostering or temp fostering over the summer. The students were excited over the event and what they could do to help.

Thank you to the Plano Senior High Student Council and their advisers for the warm welcome on their campus and the support that was provided to us at TMHPR. We are so appreciative of helping us get the word out about our organization!

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