Wynken, Blynken and Nod

Our intake team was approached by a rural animal shelter to rescue three puppies that had been dumped. The two girls and boy (retriever mixes) had terrible- YET recoverable mange. The shelter employee commented that this threesome were either leaving the shelter that day with a rescuing group or in “bag”. Take Me Home Pet Rescue, without hesitation, took these pups into our program.

Initially, all three settled into one foster home. They visited our vet to address their mange issue and a cough that each had developed. Wynken and Nod progressed nicely. Poor little Blynken (the smallest of the three) developed pneumonia and needed emergency medical care.

Fast forward two weeks…..all are doing well. Mange under control. Coughing disappeared and they are eating, sleeping, playing AND living in safe, loving environments.

Nod went on to another foster, with loving children, Wynken and Blynken stayed at original foster’s home.

They are learning socialization, puppy manners and potty training. They are thriving.

Wynken, Blynken and Nod are just a few of the heart wrenching situations our fosters and volunteers see every day. Forgotten, abandoned, unwanted and so easily discarded.

We could never accomplish our mission with out YOUR SUPPORT.

Please support North Texas Giving Day and help us save lives.

UPDATE: Nod has found his forever family. They adore him and he will have a wonderful love filled life.

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