Why Foster? – A Different Perspective

Post by Dana Huffman, Take Me Home Pet Rescue, Foster & Volunteer

Fostering Saves Lives


…because it is easy?     No

…because I have unlimited free time?     No

…because my resident pets love it?        Not always


Then WHY? These pictures are some of the reasons why….

I foster because these photographs make me feel so many things.

…anger at the people who caused or ignored.
Lacey IMG_3883


…sadness for all the times I am certain this living creature felt hurt, unsure or scared.

13238983_255886171433138_6489263604355489160_n 2015-09-07 10.53.37


…love when I saw the fear on their face turn to trust.

12961601_1366308070052665_3469328257898781559_n 13095919_1387967581220047_6683153294285528747_n


… amazement when I realize all the people that came together to help in some way.

11245502_10205426939747253_3244792368857627326_n IMG_3430


…happiness when I see post adoption photographs of the pet in their loving, forever home.

adopt2 adopt9


Fostering can be hard, no doubt. But nothing is as hard as watching them die with just a number on a black bag. They all deserve a collar, a toy, a bed, a name, a loving home and someone to cry when they are gone….we ALL do.

13177334_10208000607607341_2609025608957306044_n 13151879_10208000822812721_3869345676090527966_n

PLEASE, PLEASE , PLEASE consider fostering.

For more information about fostering or volunteering, please visit one of the links below.

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