What Full Looks Like

It seems as a volunteer run non-profit, we are always in need of something.  We are so thankful for all of the support given to us.  But some days we can’t help but admit that we need some people to step up and help us out.
Today is one of those days.
We are in a bind.
And by we I mean all of us who volunteer for Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR).
To clarify, a bind is bigger, larger and more severe than being in a pinch.
In a pinch you find that either you or someone else is going to be inconvenienced maybe just a bit.  
When you are in a bind, well that means someone (or someones, plural) is going to have to endure some inconveniences for longer than just a short time.  
And that is not okay for our dogs and puppies.
We are full.  TMHPR is full.
And by that I mean . . . not just the four dog runs are full.  The rooms at the Adoption Center are full.  The current foster homes are full, some double full.  Full is not a good thing.

Here is what full looks like . . . .

Meet Olivia.  She is a pregnant Mama who will give birth in about 10 days; and she cannot do so in a dog run.  She needs a warm, safe and cozy place to raise her litter for the next 8 weeks and learn to be a loved family member in a home.
Olivia is pregnant.  Saved from neighborhood kids hitting her with sticks & throwing rocks at her.
Meet Cooper.  Or as we call him, Super Cooper.
Cooper was adopted in early March and all indications were that things were going well.
Super Duper Cooper
He was just returned to TMHPR from his adopter, just this week.  He was returned with a gash on his leg that is now requiring hydrotherapy twice a day and antibiotics to stop any infection.  And he must wear a cone at all times until his wound heals.

This is what full looks like for him.  

His previous foster home has taken two additional dogs in to foster in the time he was gone; therefore, they cannot take him into their home at this time.  Do you have time and room for Cooper?
Meet Ethan & Benedict.
Ethan (named for Ethan Hawke)
Benedict (named for Benedict Cumberbatch)
These boys are about 14 weeks old and have been on a travel schedule between temporary foster homes.  At no fault of their own, they have not been able to land a full-time gig; therefore, they have been bunking in the Isolation Room at the Adoption Center.
They are old enough to be split up now, so there is no longer a need for them to go to the same home.
Do you have the room and just a bit of time to help one of them learn what it means to be a puppy in a home with a family?
Here is what full looks like to these growing boys.
And here is sweet & playful Chestnut.
She is approximately 35 lbs and has never met a stranger.  She loves walks and playing with toys.  She has been spayed and is now ready for a foster home.
Chestnut was dumped in an industrial park with her five puppies.  Her puppies have all been adopted or are in a foster home; however, Chestnut remains at the center.
This is what full looks like for Chestnut.

And lastly, meet our silly girl, Zoey.

Zoey was returned by her adopter a little over a month ago.  She was with her family for about three years.  When the family’s dynamics changed, they found that it was best for Zoey to find a new home.

She is a silly, silly girl who has overcome so much in her short three years.  She is waiting for someone to take her to a new home where she can be a part of a family again.

This is what full means to Zoey.

TMHPR needs committed foster homes.  

Committed to helping a dog leave the center and live in a home where they live as a part of the family.  We have puppies, large dogs and a Mama Dog who all need a home to reside.

How can you help?

Can you foster?
Are you home more than not?
TMHPR provides beds, food, toys, pens, gates, treats, meds, etc.
You provide the love, training and most of all time for these dogs to find their forever home.

Please fill out a Foster Application at www.takemehomepetrescue.com

Not in a position to foster?

Share our story.  Share on Facebook, Twitter and via email with your friends & family.  You never know when sharing a post, blog entry or just our website address can reach someone who is able and willing to help


Thank you all for your support!


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