Welcome Xander to TMHPR!

Xander was found dragging the streets of San Antonio for his life, then was taken to the San Antonio shelter where he sat, injured and incontinent for nearly 2 months. While everyone was enjoying Christmas and ringing in the new year, he laid around, sad and dejected in the shelter.

Here’s a quote from his foster mom on how Xander came to them:

I don’t know if you believe in fate, but, I think it was fate that led us to Xander… by way of our dearly departed Schipperke, Caitlyn. See, we lost Cailtyn on 12/3/18. She was nearly 16 years old when she passed. Because of Caitlyn’s special needs, we had not fostered for some time. We discussed that when the time was right, Caitlyn would send us a sign. That night, I saw Xander’s story on Facebook through a friend’s page.

He’s thought to be a basenji mix, around a year and a half to 2 years old. He was being shared by Marlene Trahan Fazekas, a Canadian that helps special needs pups. The next day Xander was on the table, needle drawn for him to be euthanized, when someone rushed in and pulled him off of the table. He was taken to a temporary foster home, where he would stay for a few nights.

Once he was pulled from the shelter, Xander was taken right to the vet. X-rays were taken and though they initially thought Xander must have been hit by a car… they were shocked to learn that he actually has a pellet lodged in his thoracic spine. This is what has caused his paralysis. On January 19th, Xander’s wonderful temporary foster family drove all the way to San Antonio and back to deliver Xander to his more long term foster family where he remains today.

Due to being left to drag the streets for his life, Xander had several ailments when he was found. Besides his paralysis, he had cuts, scrapes and bruises to his legs and bottom. He had a tickborne illness, giardia and bladder infection (that he’s battled because nobody expressed his bladder in the shelter). He was not neutered, so when he earned his clean bill of health, that was taken care of.

Xander is still in foster care with the loving family that nursed him back to health. He will need a forever home that can assist him with expressing his bladder and bowels as he cannot do this on his own. He must also be monitored a bit more closely than other dogs (especially while outside) to be certain his legs are protected as he could likely not feel an injury to them.

His zest for life is infectious. He doesn’t know he’s any different from other dogs, and constantly wants to be by your side. It doesn’t matter if you’re cleaning the house, doing laundry, washing dishes, cooking, yard work, watching TV. He just wants to be with you. He even loves to run errands around town; he’s truly appreciative of every single moment that he has with his people and his pack.

He absolutely LOVES toys. His favorites are his alligator, his dragon and any ropey toy he can find. He loves to play with other dogs and he likes to bark and talk to them when he does. He loves cats too. Xander needs some assistance getting in his wheels but once he is – He is FAST! To be fair, he’s also fast outside of his wheels but he can absolutely tear around the yard in his wheels and he LOVES to play “chasey”.

Be sure to check out Xander’s Facebook page! Xander and Duke have 500+ followers that keep up-to-date on their latests antics and activities, you don’t want to miss out.

Please consider sharing Xander’s story or donating on North Texas Giving Day (September 20th) to help us cover the cost of Xander’s medical treatment and supplies totaling just under $2,000.

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