March 14th: Welcome Sierra and Her Puppies

Welcome Sierra along with her 9 babies to the TMHPR family!
And what an adventure she took her rescuers on!!

Mama Sierra

Sierra had been roaming the infamous dumping area know as Dowdy Ferry for 7 months.  And it was very clear that she had no intentions of being caught.

This past weekend rescuers in the area discovered that she had given birth to 9 beautiful babies in a drain under a driveway.  The space was small, so rescuing the family was not going to be easy.  But, they never knew just how much trouble she was going to give them over the next three days.

Night One

That night rescuers sprang into action and were able to pull the puppies out on a slide board. That was the easy part.

The puppies were then used to bait the trap.

The rescuers staked out the trap the entire first night, but mama proved too elusive. The rescuers made the tough decision to put the puppies back in the drain since it had been way too long since they nursed.

Night Two

The next day, very early on in the night Sierra was cornered in the drain. She was pulled out and caught on a snare. The rescuers were sure they had her, but unfortunately she tore through the snare and ran off into the darkness.

They couldn’t bare leaving the puppies out there another night as temperatures were dropping. A volunteer was enlisted to bottle feed them. At least until Sierra could be caught.

Night Three

On the 3rd night some of the puppies were brought back to once again attempt to bait Sierra.

This time it worked. As soon Sierra crawled into the drain to tend to her puppies the rescuers covered the entrances to the drain. From one end they placed a kennel with the door open and on the other end a very brave rescuer crawled in and guided Sierra to the end to the kennel.

Once she got right to the kennel she stopped and looked at the rescuers with wide eyes full of fear.  Now for the last portion of the journey.  Babies were taken to Take Me Home Pet Rescue’s Adoption Center where the entire family would be reunited.  Mama Sierra was transported in the trap in a different car.  She was too scared; and a flight risk to transport her any other way.

When Sierra was brought into the Adoption Center, she wouldn’t enter the whelping pool.  it wasn’t until she heard her babies that she climbed right in to begin nursing.  The babies were so hungry and Mom had enough milk to feed them all.

Poor Sierra was also hungry.  She has done so much eating over the last 36 hours!  And she is learning that humans are both loving and caring.


We named the mama Sierra but we haven’t decided on all of the names for her babies. There are 2 males and 7 females. Mama Sierra is decompressing at our adoption center where she will learn that humans can be so very kind.

We have learned within the last 24 hours that this poor Mama is full of Hookworms and Whipworms.  She will need to be wormed several times, as will the babies when they are old enough.  We are certain this will only be the beginning of the care that they will need in the coming months.
Stay tuned for more updates on this precious family.

Details of Rescue Provided by David M.

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