Volunteers Make It Happen!!

This blog posting may be a little more personal than the others.

I try my best to write the blog posts from the viewpoint of the Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) organization as a whole, not as a volunteer.  After all, this is not MY blog.

I really work to not use the pronouns “I”, “we”, etc.  Sometimes when I go back to proofread the blog post I find that I have slipped into that 1st person and have to reword the text.

But, not this time.  I am going to stick to the 1st person to tell MY story.

Yesterday, I met a couple of the volunteers at the Adoption Center to help walk dogs and get some photos of the dogs who are currently in the Adoption Center.

(We are unusually full right now at the center as the cold weather has brought in a few additional dogs who were not planned intakes; therefore, we have called for all hands on deck.  Oh, and we have more coming this afternoon.  Did I mention how full we are?  Should I ask for new foster families now?)

While there, we took the opportunity to get a few shots of the dogs who are there onsite.  To do this we use dog and cat “wranglers”.  These volunteers help in the photography studio to position the foster animals for their glamour shots.  Treat them for sitting, posing.  Place props, etc.

Fabulous volunteer Carolyn, “wrangling”.


Yes, they are both laughing as she tries to “wrangle” the big puppy.

It can become a very comical situation as we sometimes get more “tail” shots than head shots of some of the animals.

This was Super Cooper (adopted) showing off his tail action.

When I came home from the adoption center, I was reviewing the photos and found some wonderful shots that included our volunteers doing what they do best.

Loving the dogs.  Truly showing what these dogs have to give back . . . and reminding us why it is so worth saving them.

Remember Marianne?

She was a part of a dog hoarding situation in Dallas.  We took in two Mama dogs and their litters on Christmas night.  (Here story via blog posts are here and here.)  She came into the center very scared and protective of her litter.  And rightly so, she had scars and puncture wounds all over her face.  Proof that she had worked hard to protect her little family.

Well, this is Marianne two months later.  She has grown into an amazing, gentle and loving dog.  This is all due to the wonderful volunteers who took the time to love her and teach her that she can trust humankind again.

She has a “thing” for Mark, so we had him help get her posed for photos.  I kept taking photos even when she was not in position.  It is what I do for a living, lifestyle photography.

When I got home, this is what I saw.

Her eyes looking into his.  Nose to nose.

His look for true love for her as she went in for a kiss.

And the hugs and cuddles.

This is why we do what we do.  Because these animals do not know what it is to be loved when they come in the TMHPR doors.  But, when they leave, it is all they know.

Okay, so the personal entry is over.  I just wanted to share what I saw yesterday during another photo shoot.  It was much like all of the other shoots I have done, the only difference . . . I caught this one “on film” to share with others.

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