Urgent: Fitzroy Update

Update on Fitzroy

Yesterday, we brought you the story of a new Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) pup who arrived at the Adoption Center last week from the Balch Springs Animal Shelter.  As you will recall, he is a very sweet boy with a wonderful spirit; however, he arrived with over 30 puncture wounds.

We believe the wounds were from an attack from a larger animal of some kind while he was living on the streets.  Although we cannot be sure that it was not from some sort of abuse or possibly being caught in barbed wire.  No matter the cause, the results are horribly difficult to comprehend.

Fitzroy was seen by a vet early this week and it was found that his wounds have caused a severe skin infection.  The area has been shaved to reveal the injuries, in order to treat the infected area and begin the healing process.

The photographs are not easy to look at; however, very important to see in order to understand the severity of this medical emergency.  This poor boy is in pain and is in very serious condition due to the nature of the wounds.  He was a very lucky boy to be pulled by a rescue group who is willing and able to help him.




Fitzroy was given a number of baths with antibiotic soap to deride the wounds.  He’s on new antibiotics, pain meds, steroids, and benadryl. He needs to keep a cone on at all times because he immediately starts to gnaw on the wounds.  He will also need multiple antibiotic baths per week to continue to keep the wounds clean.



The care that Fitzroy needs will include money for his multitude of medical bills.  It will also include the need of a special foster home that can care for this young boy in a quiet environment where he can rest and heal physically, mentally and emotionally.  He has fear reactions to males who enter the room and sadly, balls that are thrown.  We truly do not understand what this boy has been through in his short life.  

Dispensing meds timely, watching for changes in his wounds and a special dog pack who can teach him that living in a home is safe.  That love and companionship from human can be trusted.  We have that foster home, but support for this home is great.


We will continue to update our friends of TMHPR of Fitzroy’s progress.  He is a young boy who has a great life ahead of him with his own forever family.  And TMHPR is dedicated to getting him to that place in life.

We will be asking for special donations for his medical bills through a Razoo page; however, if you would like to donate now, please go to the main webpage and donate through the donate button in the top right corner.  You can then send an email confirming you would like the monies to go directly to Fitzroy’s care.


Please share Fitzroy’s story with others.  The only way TMHPR can continue their mission to help these wounded animals is through help from the public.  

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Please choose at least one action & share Fitz’s story with friends and family.

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