Updates, Updates & Yep, More Updates!

What a week!!
In a good way!!
Seems this week has just flown by . . . we have Meet & Greet tomorrow!!
So much happening at the Adoption Center that the week just seemed to disappear.  And that doesn’t include all of the things going on in our AWESOME Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) foster homes.
Let’s catch everyone up . . . .
First off, a HUGE, ENORMOUS, GREAT BIG BOO-DADDY of a THANK YOU to everyone for once again fulfilling a need for us.  We thank you for donating bedspreads, blankets, dog beds, sheets and small rugs for our babies to be nice and warm in the Adoption Center and in their foster homes.
And for those who are still planning to order from Amazon, bring items by the Adoption Center tomorrow or shipping is in progress.  Bring it on!!  We still have room on our shelves for more linens.
Our fabulous volunteer & foster Mom, Elaine, came into the Adoption Center this week for an over all organization day.  (She may be a bit OCD, and we LOVE that about her!)  She has our linens all in order and she has even started organizing our collars & leashes.  She is awesome!
Thank you, Elaine!
And she has taken on the task of making smaller blankets from the donated bedspreads and large blankets.  So, with one donated bedspread or blanket, she is able to make multiple smaller blankets for use by our rescued animals.


Oh wait, you never thought we could use a volunteer who had the talent to sew, did ya?
Still think you can’t volunteer for a rescue organization?  Think again!  We can use so many talented people!  Yep, the Volunteer Application is on the website. www.takemehomepetrescue.com
So, let’s catch you up on our current fosters.
This is the part of the blog where I fill you in on the rescue’s most recent news (update); and then give you the link to read a previous blog entry if you want to read about how they came to TMHPR.  Just a little history regarding their journey.
I know some of you may be able to keep all of the stories straight; however, we have some new followers & friends that will need . . . the rest of the story.
(Am I the only one out there that remembers Paul Harvey?  I hope not.)
Our volunteer Elaine also fosters our sweet Holly.
Holly was brought in on Christmas night with her litter of six puppies.  (Brown Christmas puppies who have now all found forever homes.)  (Holly’s story here.)
Holly went through with her spay surgery at the beginning of February; however, did have some complications and had to built up her strength to endure heart worm treatments.
Sweet Holly has had a hard week from the start of these treatments.  Here she is with her sweet foster mom and her foster brother Jagger watching over her.  Our fosters are amazing volunteers.  Thank you also to everyone who donated to Holly’s medical bills.  She is getting the care that she needs.  
Holly getting much needed love
during her heart worm treatment
Marshmallow made his pledge this week to not father any puppies!  This boy was found in a neighborhood just sitting for hours in the ice and snow last week.  He was rescued by a Good Samaritan, who is also a volunteer at TMHPR, and she brought him to the Adoption Center. 
Marshmallow is heart worm negative.  WHOOP!!!   And he will be ready for his foster home or foster to adopt home after he heals from his surgery.  Yes, this sweet boy does need a foster home.  
He loves to hang out and play with people.  He need a wonderful foster home who can teach him how to play with toys.  He has no idea how to play with toys or chase balls.  But, he will give you plenty of smiles and loves to cuddle.
Marshmallow is such a happy dude!
And an update from Cammie’s foster Mom this week!  Cammie went to the vet this week and she has gained 15 lbs!!  She has enjoyed her time in her foster home eating to gain her weight back and lounging on the couch!  She has settled in nicely and loves people and other dogs.  Isn’t she beautiful?!
To read more about Cammie, click here.
Cammie is gaining weight nicely!
More snow fell in North Texas this week!  So, this means pictures of puppies in the snow!
Here are photos of Sonora (now living in her forever home) enjoying her new backyard full of snow.  Looks as if she was asking the snowman if he was still using that carrot.  She needed a snack!
We love receiving pictures of our cats and dogs enjoying their new lives!


Excuse Me.  Are you still using this carrot?


Well, Romeo was more than happy to see the snow go.  He spent too much time out in the cold when he was on the streets.  He prefers the warmth of the couch these days.
He and his friends were loving the sun beams that were coming through the window.  They are all ready for some Spring-like weather!
Romeo is waiting for his forever home.  Close up of Romeo here.
The cold didn’t bother our boy, Simon.  He headed off to a temporary foster home to wait out the cold weather.  He snuggled right in and enjoyed plenty of naps and lots of cuddling.

This boy has the cutest face.  Very round shaped face with a teeny tiny nose.  More on how Simon came to TMHPR here.

Lydia and sister Gracie were not phased by the snowstorm.  In fact they found their entertainment on Thursday morning quite fascinating.  Foster Dad Joe was out shoveling the drive way.  So much more interesting to watch a human slide on the ice, rather than watching birds!!
These quiet and shy girls are waiting for their forever home.  Do you have the room in your home and hearts for these girls.  More about them here.
And lastly, we will leave you with Benedict and Ethan.  Yes, two of the Oscar babies are growing up and getting big.  These boys found a great lap to snuggle in.
These babies were rescued with their three litter mates from an abandoned trailer.  They are some very lucky puppies, as they had some fabulous fans who donated to the rescue organization who could take them in.  More on their story here.
All of these babies are being cared for by our wonderful volunteers and foster homes.  But, without the donations of blankets, food, cleaning supplies, etc. and MONETARY donations ——- none of these rescue stories would be possible.
A huge thank you to everyone who has donated to help the rescue animals in TMHPR care.
And of course, more information about donating can be found on our website.  



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