Update: Rooftop Kitties are Now “The Royals”

Kitten Update:
These updated photos, received from Kitten Foster Mom Phyllis, were too cute to keep to ourselves!
George has a bit of a gunky eye that is being treated.
He also has a bit of a messy face from his  dinner.  Happy Kitty.
Our rooftop kittens have been named after the Royal Family.  We would like to introduce you to Charlotte, George, Harry & Diana.
Diana & George are quite active.  You can tell by the blur of a tail.
The girls are both siamese kittens who look so much alike that their Foster Mom has to see their noses to know which one is Charlotte and which one is Diana.  And of course, Harry is the deep red & orange tabby.  George has more of a buff and white color combination.
Harry practicing his balancing act.
Harry & Charlotte playing on the bed.
As you can see, they are very active babies who are healthy and so very happy that they were rescued.  Food, water, room to play and lots of love is what they need to thrive.
George exploring the food & water.
We have such awesome fosters!!
Want to know more about fostering?  You will find information on our website at www.takemehomepetrescue.com
Filling out the foster application is the first step in becoming a foster home!  You won’t regret the decision to save a life.


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