Update: Oscar Puppies!!

It’s National Puppy Day!!
Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) has an overflow of puppies right now who are looking for their forever homes.  These cuties are adorable!!
Robbie & Emma enjoying ice cream @ a photo shoot.
Remember our Oscar Puppies?  These sweet babies were rescued just a week prior to the Oscar awards; therefore, they were named after some of the actors and actresses who were nominated for the Oscar awards this year.
Litter of 5 rescued when their Mama went missing.

Check out this before picture!!

These tiny babies were living in a trash heap in an abandoned trailer.  When their mother went missing for a couple of days, two Good Samaritans stepped in and contacted TMHPR to save them.

And that is where their journey to fabulous forever homes begins!

These “littles” were quickly scooped up by fabulous fosters who “loved them healthy”.  These babies were given the time needed to get well, grow and flourish in healthy and stimulating environments.

(That is code for homes where they were spoiled rotten.)

Emma & Robbie cuddling not long after entering their foster home.

Bradley moved into a foster home where he was cuddled and loved on by the entire family!  Not a bad gig when there are kiddos to hold ya like this!!

(Ummm, we were a little uncertain that his feet ever touched the ground, until we were provided video confirmation that this little prince does run with the “big dogs”.)

This amazing foster home rehabbed an injured back foot.  This little guy, who had trouble walking when entering the TMHPR organization, has made a full recovery!!  A huge thank you to this very special family!

Bradley does have an injured eye that will need to be removed when he is neutered.  But rest assured, this does not slow this little guy down one bit.  He will make an amazing addition to someone’s family.


Ethan & Benedict have been bunking together in their very active foster home.  Are they not these cutest little guys ever??!!



Ethan is the spunky guy of the pair.  He loves to run and play.  And he loves to snuggle after all of that play!!  Who could resist this cutie!!  He even comes with his own little black beard!!

Ethan & Benedict

Benedict is a beautiful brindle pup who is a true beauty.  (I know what you are thinking, yes, they really are brothers.)

He loves his toys and is excellent at chilling.  He would make a great addition to anyone’s couch.

March Madness is here, I’m thinking he would be great at watching basketball this year.  You supply the treats and Benedict will supply the love & kisses.

We have introduced you to three of the gang.  Who is left?
Well, we have Robbie and Emma!
These guys are also in a fabulous foster home.  Their Foster Mom even took them on a doggie photo shoot!  Here they were introduced to ICE CREAM!

Here is Robbie sporting his ice cream beard.  This little guy has the cutest marking as the black on his muzzle creeps up between his eyes.


And sweet Emma.  The only girl in the bunch!

She has the most dramatic blue eyes.  And she is gorgeous!


This may be the most diverse litter of puppies EVER!!
We have fluffy.  We have short hair.
We have brindle.  We have black & white, brown & white.
We have blue eyes.  We have brown eyes.
These sweet babies will be ready for their forever homes in the next couple of weeks.  If you want to know more about them or meet them at upcoming Meet and Greets, please fill our Adoption Application online.
Check back with the blog for more information regarding additional puppies at Take Me Home Pet Rescue.

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