Update: Chief & Fitzroy

Thought it may be time to provide an update on two current fosters who have had a rough journey, beginning with some really tough medical needs.

This would be current fosters, both from Balch Springs Animal Shelter Chief & our little buddy Fitzroy.

(Previous blog entries regarding these boys can be found here(Chief) and here(Fitzroy).)

As a recap, for our new friends . . . 

Chief was rescued from Balch Springs in January after finding out he had been shot in the face.  A Good Samaritan found him with a terribly infected wound on his face.


Fast forward a few weeks and he enjoyed his freedom ride with Marlene (after sugary to remove the bullet fragments and shattered teeth) & a bit of silliness with his rescue buddy, Elise.  

Chief seems to always be up for a little bit of silliness; and always expresses his full emotion with his eyebrows!

Now Chief has landed himself in a foster home that has taught him just how fantastic the life of an inside dog can be.  He had no clue what he had been missing.  

It sure seems that he is adjusting to his inside life quite well!  What do you think?


Above, foster Dad Zech was “working” from home and sent us these shots of just he and Chief hanging out.  

And we have to include this one as well.  Chief all curled up, napping with his foster brother.

This foster family is AWESOME!!  TMHPR is so blessed to have them as a part of our team. They show so much love & care for the wonderful dogs that are in their home.
Now, Fitzroy’s update . . . . 
Again, just a quick recap . . . 
It was found that Fitzroy had about 30 puncture wounds when he came into TMHPR’s care; causing a severe skin infection.  It appeared that he had been attacked by some type of large animal prior to being picked up by the Balch Springs Animal Shelter.


Fitzroy went to a temporary foster home where his medical needs could be met and his temperament tested.  After several weeks, he was healing nicely and moved on to his permanent foster home.  
He is a very active dog who is always in good spirits, loves to play with other dogs and has never met a person he did not like.
Here are the most recent photos sent from his foster Mom, Karen.
Fitz’s skin is healing up nicely.  He does have some additional healing to do and some hair to grow back, but has come so far already!!
Fitz even has a new outfit!  He is showing off his new shirt for the camera.  He has learned that perching up on the furniture allows him the advantage on his foster brother.



Look out Callen!  Fitz is ready to pounce!
These boys are adjusting very nicely in their foster homes; however, they are still waiting for their forever homes.  If you would like to more about Chief or Fitzroy, please look the boys up on the TMHPR website at www.takemehomepetrescue.com
Want to help with their medical expenses?  You can make a tax deductible donation to TMHPR by clicking the Donate button on the website.
Want to help in other ways?  We need volunteers, fosters and adopters.  Check out our website to see how you can help our organization.  We need all kinds of talent!


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