Under 1 year. Under 25 pounds.

These are the abuse cases we don’t always talk about. And we need a foster to save this one.

Let’s talk a bit today about what it takes to be a RESCUE. Our goal is to find the helpless, homeless babies and heal them, microchip them and find their FOREVER home.

But to do that we need FOSTERS and FUNDS.

This sweetheart was chained to a tree and deprived of adequate food. He escaped and found his way to an independent rescuer in Sulphur Springs who has reached out for our help. WE NEED A FOSTER to help this baby get well. We don’t have a shelter. We have to have a home for this dog in order to provide any help. Can you be the person who saves his life?

TMHPR provides everything. All the medical, food, toys, bedding, etc. We just need you to provide the shelter and the love.

Please visit our page here to learn more about becoming a foster.

And donate here to support us with your funds

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