TMHPR: Spotlight on Colin

Take Me Home Pet Rescue’s King of the Cats is Colin.

Colin (2)

Blog by Elise B.

Colin is a five year old long hair handsome black and white TUXEDO cat with the longest whiskers you have ever seen.

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One Gorgeous Cat

If you can believe it he was found alone in a local neighborhood and was microchipped.
Sadly, his owners did not want him back and asked if we could assist in finding him a forever family.


Colin loves human companionship and one of his morning rituals is lounging next to his foster mom while she drinks her coffee and checks her social media sites including Instagram (hint hint).


You may even recognize him from our “Coffee with Colin” blog or his Instagram photos.


Toys, of course! He is not too grown up for those. Colin keeps his up his appearance by chasing the laser dot and polishing his nails on the scratching tree.

Colin’s Antics

Colin is a silly boy and very playful. He enjoys the company of other felines but would prefer a mature adult cat over a pesky kitten.File Dec 27, 4 23 36 PM

Colin could also enjoy the companionship of a low key cat friendly dog. So if you already have one of those he would approve.

The super funny thing about Colin is that he loves to have his face brushed.We suppose it’s because he wants to keep those long luxurious whiskers nicely groomed.

His next favorite thing to do is occupy boxes, any box will do, but he does have his favorite.  So, if you are stocked up with Amazon boxes Colin can help you re”purrrr”pose those!


File Dec 27, 4 23 18 PM

Consider giving this gorgeous boy a forever home.

Visit our website at for adoption information and complete our easy online no obligation application. Colin is waiting to have coffee with you and he wanted you to know he comes with his favorite box and brush!

Also, more about Colin here.

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  • Do you still have Colin? I am interested in adoption. I have a 10 year old cat that needs a friend. Please let me know.
    Thank you

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