TMHPR: Spotlight on Brinkley

You know I rarely speak of myself when I right these blogs.  After all, this is a blog about Brinkley, not me.

I choose to write as TMHPR and talk of our pets only.  But, this is Brinkley that I am asked to write about.

Oh goodness, how do I begin to describe this majestic dog?

Brinkley (2)

Okay, so majestic isn’t so majestic when he is sticking his tongue out . . .

Once, when I was about 10, I was asked, by my Mom, as to what I wanted for Christmas.  All I could come up with was that I wanted a Thesaurus.  (Yes, I was a dork.  Just ask my brother.)

Ummm, remember the Thesaurus  didn’t always have a website.

It was a book found in the library reference section like the Dictionary, and it opened up an a plethora of words that could be used to assist in very precise descriptions as you write.

I think I will need a Thesaurus as I work to describe this boy.


Well, let’s start at the beginning, but just for a moment.  This is where it started.

Brinkley is a handsome black and tan 18 month old shepherd mix who was found abandoned on Dowdy Ferry Road in South Dallas. The open wound on his back leg clearly indicated that a rope or wire had been wrapped tight around his leg as the indentations along the wounds were obvious.


I have learned that canines are amazing creatures.  Humans, not so much.

After so much pain, abuse and neglect, they find a way to trust, love and live life again, to the fullest.  This is exactly what Brinkley has done.


From the moment he came to the Adoption Center, he was so very kind and gentle to everyone.  He was cautious, but quickly learned that the humans here were special AND he could trust them.  He quickly went from cautious to a smiling, regal pup who knew he was beautiful . . . . and that his life had forever changed.


Yes, Brinkley smiles!!!
He is a happy, joyous and carefree dog who loves his foster home.  Two kind humans, 7 kitties and a HUGE backyard with fabulously lush grass that is perfect for ZOOMIES and lots of sun bathing.

Seriously, I can’t make this stuff up.  He is a character!

14572404_543948005789997_5217248217784619595_nWhile Brinkley’s Foster Mom would LOVE to keep this boy to herself, she knows that in order to continue to save lives out of Dowdy Ferry, she must find him the PERFECT Forever Home.

Could that be with you?


Brinkley would enjoy a home with older children, teens, or no kids is just fine.  Because he is a shepherd mix he does tend to show some alpha tendencies so if there is another dog in the home she should be a submissive female. Brinkley would also be happy as an only dog.


A yard is a must.  This boy has been on some sort of rope or chain most of his life.  He deserves the space to run, unhindered.  And someone who appreciates his beauty.  I mean look at those perfectly symmetrical marks behind his ears!


He will need a dog bed or three.  He loves to lounge.  And he LOVES his toys.  TOYS, dog beds and a backyard.  Oh, and a very special human or two to share his life and loyalty with.  Cause he is the most loyal and most tenderhearted boy.

He deserves the BEST.


He is ready for adoption.  And even comes beautifully wrapped.

To adopt Brinkley visit our website and complete the online no obligation application.  You won’t be sorry that you added this boy to your life!

(There I made it through without crying . . . . much.)

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