Tiger Goes to Circle Star!!

Hey guys, it’s me Tiger.  
You may not recognize this face cause I tend to have my photo taken from
the back.
I feel it is my best

Yes, that’s correct, I’m the Boxer mix who prefers to show
off my Tiger-like stripes when having my photograph taken.  I’m mean you have to admit, they are one of
my best features.
So, I got offered this pretty awesome opportunity.  Hunter was graduating from Circle Star and
Elise asked me if I wanted to be the next to go on an adventure.
  Well, I have to admit that I love an
  Can’t you tell by my face?
So, that photographer lady showed up at Elise’s house in
this little red car and they loaded me up. 
Bed, food, toys and all that kind of good stuff.  And we were off!!
I have to admit that I slept most of the way.  I mean, I wanted to be all rested up for this
BIG adventure and all.  And it is a good thing I did!!  Once we arrived, I was so excited.  So many sounds and so many smells!!
My new friend, Tamera welcomed me and remembered that I needed my bed, special blanket and my toys so that I would feel safe.

Then we got to work!!  So much fun!!
I’m just starting my adventure.  More later!

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