Tiger: Circle Star Update

Hey guys, it’s me Tiger!
I’m checking in from my time away at camp.  I’m at Circle Star for a 30 day training
program; and I am learning what this training is all about.  Elise was right, this camp thing is so much
Check me out!!  I’m on
this bridge!  It takes a lot of trust to
get me on this thing.  You know, it
moves!!  But, I’m learning that lots of
work means lots of rewards.


So, Fitzroy told me all about this car that you get to zoom
around in.  It is awesome!  Look at me and the smile on my face!!  I have to remember to close my mouth when we
zoom around or I end up swallowing bugs.
Not so tasty.

And on the ATV with me is my buddy Tamera.  She is teaching me all kinds of good things.  Like don’t pull on a leash.  Not sure why, I love zooming around ready for an adventure.
But, this is the best part.
The massages are fan-tabulous!!!
I mean who wouldn’t want to end their day on a comfy bed getting all
those muscles a good rub down.  I worked
hard today!!
Well, I gotta go.
Lots to do today as we have walks to take and I should be getting my
turn on the paddleboats soon.  Can’t wait
to float on the pond.

Later Gators!!


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