Tia’s Happy Beginning

Have you met Tia? 
Tia was found in bad shape. 
She had been living on the streets of South Dallas for a long while.  A concerned
citizen began posting photos of sweet Tia spending her time laying between two parked cars.  No one cared enough to take this sweet girl
into their home.
Elise had seen enough of the photos and knew she had the
room at the Adoption Center to keep Tia safe. 
She headed, alone, to one of the most unsafe areas in Dallas for a stray
dog to be living.

Once sweet Tia was safe and vetted she was found to be very
  She had heartworms and a tick born
illness that left her very lethargic and a high white blood cell count.
  She was in no shape to be spayed, much less
begin the difficult heartworm treatment.
A quiet and calm foster home was found, which allowed Tia the time to
heal physically from the months of neglect.

Fast forward a few months and this is Tia now. 

She is strong enough to leave the medical foster home and
begin her medical treatments.  This week
she was spayed.  This has been a huge
hurdle, as she was not strong enough for surgery.
Tia has been staying in the Adoption Center waiting for a new
foster home, volunteers have been taking her on Adventures that allow her to
learn that the world is not a place to be fearful. 
 She loved her car ride to Home Depot.  She smiled at the opportunity for another
Upon entering the store she did not want the friendly clerk to
pet on her.
  She was too nervous as the
new surroundings.

As we calmly walked
the store, Tia was allowed to determine her limits.
  Too loud at the front of the store, we turned
  The automatic doors made her jump
and she would hurry through, so we attempted those at least a dozen times.
  By the end of our visit the front of the
store was not so scary, the automatic doors no longer scared her and the clerk
gave her pets on the way out.
progress in only 40 minutes!
On the way home we stopped at a drive thru for cool
beverages.  We sat under some trees to
enjoy the cool breeze and listen to the traffic go by.  She did well. 
As you can see, she loved her ice water. 
Getting to munch on the ice was a little more of a task when you have
such a long nose.
Tia is still at the Adoption Center waiting on her next
foster home.  She would love additional
adventures from our TMHPR volunteers.  She will also be participating in our TMHPR training programs to work through her fears in order to prepare her for that perfect Forever Family.

If you are interested in volunteering,
fostering or adopting Tia, please visit our website and fill out the
appropriate application.  

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