Tia Goes Shopping

Tia is smiling.  Tia is smiling . . . BIG!!
One of our fabulous volunteers gave her a reason to smile . . . they went shopping.

This girl has been in the care of TMHPR for months and she feels so much better!  She has been working on some of her fears by going on outings with some of our volunteers.  And she is loving every minute of it.

Car rides make her so, so happy.  She loves when the leash comes out and she heads for the parking lot for a ride.

It is so good to see this girl smile.  She headed to Home Depot first to walk the store, hear sounds and meet new people.  She loves to mosey and see who she can meet.

Tia loves an ice cold beverage from the drive through.  Ice water is a favorite of hers.

And finally, a stroll to stop and smell the bones.  🙂

Tia has now begun heart worm treatment, so her outings have been suspended.  She will have a rough few weeks as she endures the process of killing the heartworms and remaining in a quiet environment.  This sweet girl is a fighter and will come through this a healthier and happier girl.

Check back for more info about Tia in the upcoming weeks.

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