This is Victoria, named after her rescuer

Victoria was found at a construction site severely injured.

The tiny kitten was picked up in a box; she was shaking from fright, had a bloody nose, scrapes above her eye and an injury to her tail.  She was dehydrated and very hungry.

She went to a loving TMHPR foster home where her wounds were cleaned and she was given food and water with Pedialyte. With lots of love, soothing words, and tender touches she finally had a restful sleep (probably her first that was stress free).

Her injuries are still healing, but she is very chatty, and loves being held. Her life has changed because of the kindness of one stranger. Victoria will now have a life full of security and love.

We expect her to be available for a forever home within a few weeks.

Victoria is only one of hundreds of animals that have been rescued by Take Me Home Pet Rescue. Our agency could never accomplish our mission without your help!

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