Sunday Funday!!

As always, Sundays are a look back at the week of fun at Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR)!
It has been a week of a different kind of fun for the TMHPR fosters and alumni.  A week of cold temperatures, school closings and snow has provided days of fun for these wonderful pets.
But, first . . . . ADOPTIONS!!
We had fewer deliveries this week due to several days of icy conditions, but the new forever family members have had their home visits rescheduled for this week.  We thank our adopters for being so patient with the weather and the need to reschedule home visits to keep our volunteers safely off of the roads.
Super Duper Cooper went to his forever home last week!
He is going to be so loved!


Rusty went to live with his forever family.
Yep, his big brother is a Saint Bernard.


Tucker went to his forever home!  This family is going to love this little boy.


Willie found his forever family!  He is the only child
of this couple & he is loving every minute . . . & so are they!


Looks like Scarlette (now Annie) is settling into her forever home.
What a great Happy Beginning for her!


Vanessa is settling into her forever home as well.
She is going to love being spoiled!

TMHPR is looking forward to many more adoptions this week!  Adoptions are such a happy ending to these journeys.  It is what the volunteers love to see, these babies being loved & cared for.  We love our forever families for offering wonderful homes to the dogs & cats who have been waiting for forever homes.

Do you remember this guy?

Yep, that is Zeke enjoying the snow.  He has grown into a beautiful boy who is so very loved by his forever family.  We love seeing updates of Zeke!

Here is an update on Gigi (aka Georgia Peach).  She is never far from a red ball.  Her forever family provides her with lots of red balls; they are her toy of choice.
Seems she has found her spot on the couch after playing in the snow with her brother, Sonny.  She isn’t spoiled at all . . .

And we will leave you with a photo of sweet Leo.  He is a young boy who is looking for his forever home.  His foster Mom watched him slowly nod off while he was looking out of the window.

A day of playing fetch had just worn this boy out.

Yes, fetch.

So, if you are looking for a cat who acts more like a dog.  (Maybe there is a dog allergy in your home.)  Leo would be a perfect choice.

Leo does not enjoy being at the Adoption Center on Saturdays.  It is just too much noise and too many unfamiliar faces.  His foster Mom would be happy to set up a time for potential adopters to meet Leo.  You will find he is a fun young cat with a big personality!

He loves toys and loves interacting with his family.

For more information about Leo, please contact TMHPR at

Thank you to all of our volunteers, fosters, adopters and those who donate.  It takes everyone working together to rescue these animals.  We are looking forward to another fabulous week!


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