Sunday Funday!

Wooooo Hoooo!   It’s Sunday Funday!!
The blog of the week that shares some of the fun the Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) rescued pups & kitties have been having all week.
And the TMHPR dogs & cats sure know how to have some fun!!  (Thanks to our fabulous volunteers and fosters.)
Well, let’s get to it . . . . 

Oh, our sweet boy, Chief.  He has not met a person or fellow dog that he did not like.  And he truly is a lap dog who knows how to relax.  A fun and cuddly dog who holds no ill will toward humans.

Chief never wants to be too far from the action, even if that action is snoozing on the couch.  Here he took the opportunity to lounge in the hammock with his Foster Mom and resident dog Penny.  Yes, big ol’ Chief loves puppies and dogs of all sizes.

Chief came from the Balch Springs Animal Shelter where he had been taken when a Good Samaritan had found him with a severely infected wound on his face.  Turns out, he had been shot in the face.

We have no idea who would do such a thing to this sweet and fun-loving boy.  If you want to read more about Chief —– here are some blogs outlining his journey.  

Chief Blog 1    Chief Blog 2     Chief Blog 3      Chief Blog 4

The volunteers at TMHPR just can’t believe Chief is still looking for his Forever Home.  He is an awesome boy just looking for a family of his own.  He is truly an amazing and loving dog.

Chief loves a good snooze & his stuffed animal as a pillow.

Interested in Chief?  Would you like to meet him?  He would love to meet you!
Please fill out an Adoption Application on our website.

Marianne loves a car ride!  

When this girl is out and about the tail and entire body never stop wagging.  She loves the adventure that a good set of wheels brings her.

Our volunteers have worked with Marianne since Christmas night to gain her trust and teach her that there is a world of awesome people out there who will love her.

Marianne went on several adventures this week.  She headed out to Calloway’s to select Spring flowers with one of our fabulous volunteers.  She then made a trip to the park for a little stroll someplace new.

Marianne was a victim of a terrible hoarding situation and has learned to trust humans and relax and enjoy life.   She is a beautiful Aussie/Border Collie mix who is approximately 3 – 5 years old.  All of her puppies have found their Forever Homes, and now it is her turn.

Marianne Blog 1    Marianne Blog 2    Marianne Blog 3

Gracie is a shy but silly girl.  Here she is enjoying her turn at the top of the cat tree.  Foster Mom says it is usually sister, Lydia who occupies this spot; however, on this sunny day Gracie enjoyed the view.

Sisters Gracie & Lydia are shy girls looking for their forever home.  Once you gain their trust, you have two wonderful and loyal companions.  More about these girls . . . 

Sisters Blog

And we all know that puppies know how to have some fun!!  Some of our youngest puppies are growing up and almost ready for adoption.

Do you recognize these babies from the abandoned trailer?

Emma & Robbie went on a photo shoot with their Foster Mom.  Check out these cuties partaking in some ice cream. They know that fun should always include some ice cream!  
Want more info on their journey?  Oscar Puppies Blog
And we think these photos tell the whole story.
Spring Break brought in young volunteers to help socialize the puppies! We love it when the tweens & teens get involved!
More teens?  Yep this Boy Scout/Eagle Scout troop spent Saturday evening remodeling one of the cat rooms as an Eagle Scout project.  Here they are taking a break to love on a litter of puppies.  Thanks guys for all of your hard work!

Goldilocks getting some much needed tummy rubs from her new Forever Family.  These kids just adore this sweet and gentle girl.

I mean how cute is that?  Kids and dog loving each other.

Marianne & Chestnut have become fast friends in the Adoption Center.  They enjoy hanging out with a volunteer for some social time.

We are gearing up for another wonderful week at TMHPR.  We have home visits, puppy training, kitty cat brushing, new volunteer training and lots and lots of time loving on our rescued animals.

Our organization is run by volunteers.  So, we rely on contributors, volunteers, donors, fosters and adopters to make our organization successful and grow.  

Interested in learning more about TMHPR?

Want to know how you can help?

Visit the TMHPR website at

Check back this week when we introduce the newest puppies and kitties that will be ready for their forever homes very soon!


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