Snow in Texas!!

Turns out we did not escape winter without a pretty good snowfall yesterday.  Across the Metroplex we experienced anywhere from an inch to four inches of snow.  
All of our Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) fosters and alumni have their own reactions to the fluffy white stuff.  Some love to run, play and catch snowflakes.  
Scarlette & Alumni Sadie playing chase.  With their balls in their mouth.

Others, well they spent time on the streets in this bone chilling cold; and prefer to find a nice warm spot indoors.  There is no doubt some remember their time in the bitter cold.  As a result, they have no desire to spend more time outdoors in this sub-freezing temps than it takes to do their biz.

Romeo prefers his spot on the couch to wait out the snow.

We want to share with you some of the wonderful photos we received from our foster and adoptive families via social media.  We just love sharing updates of our rescued friends.

Chief is still in his temporary foster home!
He & his buddy Dasher curled up together to stay warm.
Foster dog, Wags loved the snow!
He loved running & digging in it.


TMHPR Alumni Jack loved playing in the snow.
Dasher (soon to be Bear) missed his appt to go to his forever home,
but found a warm spot beside the fire in his foster home.
New boy, Blaze loved playing in the snow yesterday!

Sweet foster Fitzroy has moved to his planned foster home after having a special foster handle his medical needs.  His skin is healing up nicely and he is still wearing Alumni Abby’s pajamas to prevent him from scratching open his wounds.  He is doing so well and his hair is beginning to grow back!

He spent some time outside playing with his two-legged foster brother.
And then found a spot for a warm nap with his two-legged foster sister.  This wonderful family is giving Fitz the care he needs before he is ready to move to his forever home.
Sonora’s Forever Mom sent us this update.
Sonora loved running in the snow and had to be brought in to get warm again.  Her forever family loves her so much!  We are so thankful for her foster Mom Elaine who made sure she had all the love she needed, until her forever family found her.


Even Mr. Newmore updated his Facebook Page to let us know how he was doing in his foster home!  He has no use for the cold weather.  So, he had his dinner, found a warm chair near the fireplace, grabbed his toy Hooty and settled in for an evening nap.  
Follow Mr. Newmore’s adventures from street dog to loving family dog
on his Facebook Page.  (Easy Link)
Want to see more updates?
How about silliness in the snow?
Head over to our Facebook Page where we have posted some wonderful videos of our foster pups enjoying the snow.
Marianne and Annie are two of the foster pups who LOVED playing in the snow. Like mother, like daughter!  Check them out!  Here are two links.  You know you can’t watch them without smiling.
So, wherever you are, stay warm!
And as always, please share our stories.  Sharing leads to adoptions.  And adoptions lead to open space for more fosters to come into our program.  I
n the words of Mr. Newmore’s Mom in her latest update,
I have such peace knowing Newy is off the street and warm and safe, 
But I have an underlying, and sometimes overwhelming anxiety knowing there are more out there. I try to turn the other way, but it percolates in the back of my brain 24/7. 
A big crate, a soft bed, a gentle voice and a little patience is all ya need.
There are many dogs out on the street tonight.
And yesterday, and tomorrow.
Great dogs like Newy.
Please consider opening your home to foster.
You have no idea what you’re missing.”
Happy Saturday!

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