Smitten with these Kittens


Have you been wondering: What have the cats and kittens of TMHPR been up to lately?

Well, this blog post didn’t start off as a kitten post, but it turns out we have a ton of kittens that are out and about and having fun lately!

Samson’s First Vet Appointment

Samson Vet Visit

That’s right, Samson is already old enough for his first trip to the vet. He was a brave little kitten. We’re using the word “little” very loosely since he is only 8 weeks old but already a whopping 3 lbs! That’s what some 12-week-old kittens weigh.

Check out this adorable photo of Samson and his mom, Clementine. Since Samson is an only kitten, his mother also acts as his playmate. She has such great patience with him so they  make a beautiful pair.


And here’s another photo of baby Samson on his cat tree, because we couldn’t resist! He is spoiled rotten like every kitten should be.


Lucky Boys Basil & Memphis

Basil & Memphis

Basil and Memphis are two very lucky kittens! They were adopted into the same home earlier this week, and we love seeing this. We always encourage for our kittens to have playmates, and it works out great when a home is able to adopt two siblings together – cat litter mates make the best friends. We look forward to seeing pictures as these two grow and settle into their forever home.


Christmas Kittens!


This is one outfit the kittens just can’t resist. Because the collars have bells on them, Augustine, Robie, and Dudley loved playing dress up this time! In case you’ve not met these kittens yet, Robie & Dudley are siblings, while Augustine needed a few friends to learn kitten things from – so they are all in a foster home together, learning and growing for each other.

Check out their foster mom’s Facebook Page for more updates on these kittens and other pets in the same foster home.


Alex Gets Glam Shots

Alex1 Alex2

It was finally Alex’s turn to get glamour shots, and boy was he ready – so ready he could hardly sit still! Alex’s foster mom and our volunteer photographer both reported that Alex was a handful in the photography studio, hehe.

What can we say? He’s only about 6 months old! He loves to play with his BFF Sugar, who he shares a foster home with. He also shares a foster home with Colin, who is a little less interested in him, but that’s OK!

Here’s a collage of this trio:


Sugar and Colin have been waiting for foster homes since before little Alex was even born. While they’re no longer kittens, they are both so full of life and love – they deserve homes just as much as the little ones!

Here’s a fun shot that their foster mom recently took – they ambushed the guest bathroom sink!


If a cat owns you, you know that the kitchen sink is considered a magical fountain that provides water far more delicious than any bowl can provide. If you have a sink just begging for a kitten or cat, check out our full list of cats and kittens here (Note: some of the kittens in this blog post are not listed on the site yet, they’re available for pre-adoption though so fill out the cat adoption application if you’re interested!)


See You This Weekend

We’ll have Meet & Greet this Saturday at our adoption center, so please stop by between 10am-2pm to meet some of these fabulous felines and more! If you’re looking for the dogs, many of them will be at Pottery Barn in the Galleria from 1pm – 4pm on Saturday.

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