Shoes, Ian’s Eye, and KITTENS – Monday Meow

This week’s Monday Meow is filled with adorable kitten pictures, a shoe fundraiser, Ian with news on his eye, an almost sad story, and more! As always, please feel free to share with your friends on Facebook, Twitter, via email, etc.


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Marmalade and KITTENS update!

That’s right, since we last posted a Monday Meow, Marmalade has given birth to 4 absolutely precious kittens. Here’s a slideshow created just yesterday… trust us you can’t live without the pics! Click the image below to watch the video slideshow!


Marmalade is being such a great mommy to these 4 babies. She and the kittens are living in an amazing foster home where they receive plenty of attention, food, and comfort… a far cry from the last time she had kittens – in a tree!

This sweet girl is so ready for retirement though, where she never has to worry about giving birth and caring for kittens again!

For more updates on these cuties, check out their Facebook page!

As a reminder, we are seeking sponsors for these kittens, all it takes is $150 and you will receive recognition as well as regular, personal updates as these kittens grow and throughout their journey to adoption! (Biscuit and Pancake both already have sponsors!) To get started as sponsor, just email us at

TMHPR Alumni Quincy wants your shoes!


While Quicy would probably love to have everyone’s shoes, he’s not getting them, we promise!

We want to help you clean out your closet so we are participating in a shoe drive. The shoes are delivered to micro-enterprises in countries like Haiti, Honduras, Bolivia, and several others. The goal of the program is to provide funding into organizations, like Take Me Home Pet Rescue, while also benefitting people in developing nations by creating the job of selling shoes, which in turn, provides sustainability for them while keeping millions of shoes out of landfills!

We are collecting gently used or new shoes. No holes or loose soles please. This is a great time to clean out the closet or shoe bin and help cover the medical care of the dogs and cats of Take Me Home Pet Rescue!

Please drop bagged shoes off at:

Take Me Home Pet Rescue Adoption Center
561 W. Campbell Road, Suite 303
Richardson, TX 75080 (behind Fuzzy’s Tacos)

Our adoption center is open for drop-offs during these times:

Monday-Thursday: 10 am – 8 pm
Friday: 10 am – 5:30 pm
Saturday: 10 am – 2 pm

Maybe you can even nap a pic of the shoes you donate and post online? If so, tag Take Me Home Pet Rescue or use the hashtag #TakeMeHomePetRescue so we can bring more awareness to this donation drive!

We hope to reach our goal of $1000 raised through this fundraiser. Thanks in advance for any shoes you can donate!

Almost a Sad Story

Sometimes Quite often we encounter sad stories in our rescue work. This is an almost sad story and you’ll see why!


This is Sabastian, a BBB (Big, Beautiful Boy) that was recently returned after being adopted from us as a kitten SIX years ago! His owner was forced to surrender this big boy (we think he is part Maine Coone) and we always accept one of our adopted pets, no questions asked.

Cats or kittens that become homeless suddenly is always sad, but in this case a 6+ year old cat is especially sad because he knows what it’s like to be in a loving home and craves human interaction.

Well, here we are a few days after intake and Sabastian is already in his new, forever home!


That was quick! Shortly after adoption, this image was shared with us of his new forever dad comforting him and helping him adjust to his new home. With all the commotion recently, Sabastian will probably take a little while to settle in, but we can tell his new dad is in it for the long haul! 

It’s moments like these that we are truly amazed by our community of volunteers, adopters, fosters, etc to come together to find perfect solutions for our deserving pets. <3

Check out this soon-to-be one-eyed cutie – Ian


Meet Ian. Ian was a stray left to fend for himself. He was found on a busy Richardson street in the middle of a rainstorm…luckily, his rescuer knew of Take Me Home Pet Rescue and he ended up with us and in the gentle and loving arms of one of our office volunteers who also doubles as a cat foster!

He had noticeable trauma to his right eye as it is cloudy, swollen and weeping and smaller than his other eye. It is impossible to see his pupil and the thought is that he does not have any vision in that eye. As is customary when we take in a new cat, they visit the vet right away for an assessment and evaluation. Our vet determined that Ian had scar tissue covering the entire cornea…most likely caused by an earlier injury to the eye that was never treated.

Because of this, sweet Ian will become a one-eyed cat soon, we have had so many cats with only one eye in the past few years… but guess what? They get along just fine and still have plenty of love to share regardless.

Since this surgery will be costly, we are currently running a fundraiser. Please check out Ian’s fundraiser page here and share with your friends!

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