Sept 28th: Abu – Terrier Love

So, a terrier just happens to be my kind of dog.  I love how smart they are.  And I love how they don’t trust you upon first meeting.

Terriers typically require you to prove yourself.  Prove you are a friend, not foe.  (They will assume foe, friend must be earned.)

No, don’t offer your hand to pet their head or scratch under their chin.  They are smarter than that . . . . your hand had better have a sort of peace offering in it for invading their territory, even if it is your house that they are coming into.  They are like two year olds . . . it’s ALL mine.

Offer a dog treat, but better yet, a bite of cheese or a morsel of chicken.  The good stuff.

Now, that you know the terrier way of thinking, let me introduce, Abu.


Abu came from the streets of Dowdy Ferry, literally.  He and his buddies were all running around in the street.  Rescuers stopped to speak with the home owner and she was overwhelmed with the need to care for so many pups.  One signed owner surrender document later, Abu and his family of littles were onto a better life.

Abu entered his foster home several months ago very untrusting.  New people, new experiences, new sounds . . . it was as if he had landed in a whole new world.  The rules had all changed.

Dogs walk on leashes.  Dogs sleep in beds, INSIDE the house.  Dogs have toys and treats . . . . and really nice humans that you can boss around.  And even the mini-humans are cool, they often drop food!

Abu has learned so much from the resident dogs.  They have helped him adapt to life in a home, where he is loved and adored.  He would love to have a playmate in his Forever Home.  He is a young dog who loves to play fetch and chase.

Based on personality, this boy is all terrier.  We believe he is a Schnauzer mix of some sort, maybe some Shih tzu mixed in for the coloring.  But, like most Schnauzers he likes to talk.  He will let you know what he is thinking.  He is such a funny little guy.

During his time with TMHPR volunteers, he has truly become an amazing dog as he has blossomed with his fosters.

Gone are the hollow eyes of a scared dog.

To the happy eyes and waggy tail of a confident dog who knows he is safe.  (Even if he chases the bugs in the dirt.)

Just remember, he is a terrier and you will have to prove yourself; and then he is, well a snuggle bug in your lap.

Someone NEEDS this dog!!

Is it you?  Is it someone you know?

Must love terriers!!

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13 thoughts on “Sept 28th: Abu – Terrier Love”

    • Hi Marisol, our adoption team should update you shortly! Sorry for the delay, it takes a little while for our volunteers to review the apps 🙂

    • Abu is still up for adoption; however, we are working with him regarding severe fear of new people and dogs. He is doing well in his foster home, but we are looking for someone who wants to continue this work. He is a sweet and loving boy, just needs help learning he will never be hurt again. For more information and to possibly setup a time to meet him, please fill out our online application. This lets our adoption counselors know you’re interested, and they can go into more detail with you 🙂

  • Is Abu available for adoption today.Would love to have him in my home as soon as possible.I’m in love with this guy already

  • I would like to meet Abu. I am looking for the right puppy for my home I have a 4 year old Yorkie terrier mix. Looking for a playful loving puppy To join our family.
    My contact number is 469-386-4429

  • Abu is a wonderful, loving dog. He loves to play with other nice dogs, but is very uncertain about new humans, very! It’s quite obivious that this dear boy has been hurt by cruel humans. No wonder he doesn’t trust! Going slowly & patiently, plus giving him food slowly from your hand while saying kind, loving words will help him warm up. Once he knows you are a good human, he is truly an incredibly affectionate boy. He loves to cuddle & rest his chin on you. He loves sleeping in his nice, warm, soft crate where he can be near you at night. Love him, protect him & do not expect Abu to love any human who first comes into your home or who he sees while he’s going for a walk. REMEMBER: humans frightened & hurt this amazing, handsome, loving boy. Protect him like he will protect you. Love him like he will love you! Be careful when he first meets anyone. He’s rightfully uncertain & scared. I love this sweet dog so very, very much!

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