Sept 27 – New Intakes – Pupdate

First we want to send a GREAT BIG “THANK YOU” out to all of our donors and supporters for making #NTXGivingDay a HUGE success!  The money collected on this date every year helps us fund  our rescue for the next year.  THANK YOU!

New Intakes (1)

So, what do we do when we are so excited and the promise of money is on the horizon?  We have new intakes!  Oh, have we been busy!

Meesha & Myra

So, last Tuesday, we took in these littles, who were being shot at in the South Dallas/Dowdy Ferry area.  Yes, I said shot at . . . . with a gun . . . . by their owner.


Yes, you read that statement correctly.

Yes, I know I shake my head all of the time in rescue and ask myself, “WTH is wrong with people?”

So, this photo can be a bit deceiving, as you cannot tell just how small these girls are. (Meesha, the brindle and Myra the fluffy schnauzer mix, who looks to be a member of the G-girls, saved from Wilmer.)


Here is a photo of Meesha upon intake.  Scared, big eyes and those ears will just make you smile!  She is a tiny thing who is trying so hard to trust humans again.


Here is another photo of the fabulous team at AMCR who helped get these girls in for check-ups and start the care the needed.  Good news, these babies are heartworm negative!!

Meesha & Myra will be spayed this week and will be going to foster homes today.  They will be ready for adoption in the next couple of weeks.

Meet Bronco!

So, Elise has been busy speaking to her contacts out in Sulphur Springs; and this is how Bronco arrived into our care.  Yes, this doll loved his Freedom Ride with his new friend, Elise!


Meet, Bronco.
No, that is Melinda in the blue TMHPR shirt.
Bronco is the smiley one with the squinty eyes.


Bronco didn’t smell like your normal street dog.  He smelled like . . . . well, he smelled like a barn.  I promise.  He smelled of hay, horse poop and well, exactly like a BARN!


We can’t figure out why is former owners took him to the vet to be euthanized.  Yes, you read that statement correctly too.  (I am telling you, this rescue biz is not for the faint of heart.)

He is young, healthy and extremely loving.  Maybe to sweet to scare off predators?  Maybe be liked to chase the chickens?  We have no idea, but we know that the vet saved his life and now he has an AMAZING future ahead as a loved member of a family.

Bronco is about 35 lbs, already neutered and will be entering a foster home soon.  And then he will be ready for adoption!!  This little nugget will not be around our Adoption Center for long!

Welcome Roosevelt!!

Well, this little man has a long tale of his own.  And it is not a good one.  Mostly neglected the first 6 years of life is no way for a little guy to live.  So, we said, “yes” and took him in.


Roosevelt will be seeing a vet very soon.  He needs to be neutered, have his eye examined and learn that living in a home is pretty great.  As you can see he has bonded to the teenager in his foster home and thinks he is pretty darn great.


If you are looking for a pup that doesn’t shed, past the chewing of the puppy phase and will be a TV watching, walk taking kind of buddy, – that is going to be Roosevelt!  Welcome to your Happy Beginning little guy!

Dog in a Hole


That is what we were calling this guy when he appeared on social media last week.  Now, he is Cyrus.  Yes, for real, his home was a hole in the Earth.  This is the safest & coolest spot this sweet boy could find out in the Dowdy Ferry area.


So, how does this happen?

In this case, lack of education & resources regarding the need to spay & neuter your pets. Then the unwanted puppies get older and the go running off and hang out in the neighborhoods, loose. Cyrus is one of Hope’s babies from a prior litter.  He survived the rough start, somehow.

2016-06-16 13.18.44

Yes, our Hope from this last summer who came in with her three puppies is believed to be his Mama.  He is just one for the many litters she had.
Now she looks like this, living in a fabulous home in Uptown.


So, we formally welcome Cyrus, who came in on Saturday night, infested with fleas, starved and needing a safe place to rest his head.


See those eyes?  Brown on top and blue on the bottom.  Absolutely GORGEOUS!


Cyrus slept for 2 days straight, rarely moving off his bed.
Decompressing . . . .

He made his first visit to the vet yesterday.  Luckily, heartworm negative; however, he does have sarcoptic mange and a tick born illness.  Following some antibiotics, good nutrition and lots of love, he will find his way to a foster home.  And I can’t wait to see how beautiful he becomes!

Want to help this sweet boy?  Throw some Coconut Oil or Fish Oil in your grocery cart the next time you are shopping.  It helps the skin and coat, tremendously!!

Last Ones

So, there are those times that you get a call and you just can’t say, “no”.  The stories are too unbelievable and you know that you just have to find a way to help.


So, this Guardian Angel (protecting her identity because her daughter will have a fit that she accepted more dogs, HA!!)  had been trying to help these three for at least 6 months now.  But, the owner just couldn’t imagine giving them up.  Until . . . .

She had to make the choice between dog food and cigarettes.
(See why I am losing hope in all of humanity?)
Well, it was now time for the dogs to go!!

So, Buddy, Lucy (Mama) and Chicken McNugget were accepted into TMHPR yesterday.

We literally had to move dogs around in the Adoption Center and sneak them in when our Admin Volunteer Group had gone home.  They tend to laugh at us as we bring in dogs and begin finding places to stash them.  🙂

So, that is our recent Intake Story(ies).  So, what do we need?
The usual, food, treats, beds and fosters.  Throw in some Benadryl, Fish Oil and Coconut Oil and we will be good to go.

Oh, and shoes.  We still need your shoes, but that is a blog for another day.

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