Sept 20th – Unbelievable! – Pupdate

Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) has experienced some great stories lately.

Great Saves.
Great Rescues.
Great Adoptions.
And Great Donations.

Today we have some updates that are just,  Unbelievable!


Puppy Ladybug

So, let’s start with our “Pup in the Ruff”!  Our fearless leader, Elise so lovingly calls our new intakes who have no training, which leads to a lack of, well, manners.  This adorable girl is Ladybug.  She is most likely about 6-7 months old and thrown out of a car in the country.


No, we are not guessing or assuming, we know that for a fact.  There were witnesses.  And there were witnesses who saw her chase car after car trying to find her owner.  And she waited for them to return.  It is truly Unbelievable! what humans are capable of.


But, what is more Unbelievable! is a TMHPR had a volunteer drive all the way to East Texas to pick her up from the Good Samaritans who wanted her to find a home of her dreams.  But, we know we have the BEST volunteers!


So, Ladybug made her first visit to Fuzzy’s yesterday.  We frequent this patio with our dogs who are looking for their Forever Homes.  We found Ladybug is super smart and loves puzzles.  But what she loves even more . . . . . Fuzzy’s shredded chicken tacos.

IMG_6149Elise just thought she had control of the situation.  But, before she knew it, her chicken taco was history!  Ladybug highly recommends Fuzzy’s chicken tacos!!

Ladybug is waiting for her Foster Home.  She is hanging out at the Adoption Center decompressing.  Soon she will be ready to join a pack in a home where she learns all about the good life.

The moral of the story?

North Texas Giving Day & Fuzzy’s

Our dogs and our volunteers love Fuzzy’s and the support they bring to TMHPR.  So, mark your calendars for this Thursday.  THIS THURSDAY!!  It is #NTXGivingDay and Elise has challenged us to raise $50,000!!

And here is the Unbelievable! news.  We have a donor who is matching the first $25,000, dollar for dollar.  So, we have our eyes set high on a $75,000 day!!

AND all day long, Fuzzy’s will be donating 10% of YOUR food & beverage bill to TMHPR.  All you have to do is mention TMHPR at the register.  Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner!


But, there is more Unbelievable! News!!  (I sound like an Infomercial!)

Gabby Update


Miss Gabby is thriving in her foster home!  This baby girl was one of the tiniest pulled from the Wilmer Animal Shelter with 5 other “Schnauzer-y” looking females.  This little girl is spunky and full of energy.  She spent 10 days in the hospital with many, many days not knowing if she would survive!

But, wait, there’s more!!  (Sorry, had to go there.)

Ginny Update


Gabby’s little sister, Ginny s also thriving in her foster home.  These girls are both in amazing hand and learning that life in a loving home is pretty amazing!!

We are giving these sweet girls a couple of weeks to fully recover and then we will begin looking for their Forever Homes!

And our last Unbelievable! note . . DUCHESS UPDATE!!!


Duchess was lucky enough to be sponsored to go to K-9 University (Garland) for a two week training program.  Her transformation was truly UNBELIEVABLE!

Duchess now has the courage and self-confidence she needed to trust other dogs.  She loves to frequent the dog park and loves all humans she meets.  Here is a photo of sweet Duchess riding shotgun to the Barkway Dog Park in Richardson.  She is giving a little wink to everyone who knew she could be this confident girl.

Duchess is READY for her Forever Home!  She wants a family who is home more than not.  A doggie friend to run and play with – but no cats.  They are far to interesting to her.  Want to meet Duchess, simply fill out an Adoption Application on our website1

Check back for more Take Me Home Pet Rescue news!!

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