Sept 14 – Happy Beginnings – Pupdate

So, yesterday’s blog about all of the Good Stuff was so much fun, that it spurred some of our adopters and fosters to share photos of their  Happy Beginnings!

Happy Beginnings

Oh, the cuteness of the Pokemon Puppies.  Charmander (black, fuzzy nugget above) and others have recently found their Forever Homes.  They have started their Happy Beginning in their families.  YAY!!

ABRA – Dog of the Week

Well, we have made Pokemon pup, Abra our Dog of the Week.  This adorable boy is waiting for his Forever Family to find him.  Well, this is where you can find him . . . . spending his days in the classroom with his Foster Daddy.


Abra lists one of his talents as recording grades for his Foster Dad.  He may be a little slower with his typing skills, but he is dedicated.  He does admit that having thumbs would benefit him with this type of work.


Abra does find that he does enjoy relaxing in the classroom.  He is tucked away in a dog bed just behind the students’ desks.  Here he is practicing his skills at chewing on a branch that had been littering the school yard.  He is a quiet and chill boy who enjoys being near his humans.


Speaking of his humans.  Abra is his Foster Dad’s little shadow.  He loves being near his Dad, whether at school or at home.  This boy is going to make an amazing addition to a Forever Family.  Abra is getting a Great Beginning with his foster family, but is so very ready to begin his Happy Beginning with his Forever Family.


Now . . . . More Good Stuff – Transitions


Gretchen has transitioned to a permanent Foster Home!!  It always helps to have temporary fosters who can keep a dog for a few days while they are home to see how a dog transitions into a home.  Gretchen did well and has now moved to a home with a wonderful pack to help her learn that home life can be awesome!


Last night she had settled in for lots of cuddles from her Foster Mom.  The first night can be a little scary, as they are uncertain what this new life means.  It only means good things, Sweet Gretchen!  Only Good Things!

Just Good Stuff – Laughs


Chansey’s Foster Mom has determined that the markings on her forehead remind her of a certain Emoji.  Can you figure out which one?  Foster Mom has made it a little easier by adding little eyeballs for your convenience.

If you answered the Poo Emoji, you are 100% correct!  And now that you see it, you can never “unsee” it.

Happy Beginnings – Adoption Updates

Now one of the best parts of the Good Stuff blog posts . . . . Adoption Updates.


Do you recognize this snoozing beauty?  I will give you a hint, she is from the Rock & Roll litter, born to Mama Princess, now Penny.


It is Cher (nka Aspen)!!!  This beauty is Mama’s twin!  Her Forever Family says she loves lounging on the couch and going boating with them!  Such a fabulous life for a TMHPR Dog!


Recognize the pup in the front?  Yep, she is one of ours.  And she is only about 8 months old!! She still has time to catch up to brother, Murphy.


Sweet Hanna McFluffin retained her awesome name and now is living the good life with her Forever Family.  They say she is Murphy’s shadow and the wrestling is frequent and fun.  Her other favorite task is dive bombing 2-legged sister in the mornings to wake her up.  Wishing you the best McFluffin!


And lastly, we have this adorable and always smiling little guy.  Saved by one of our Fosters from the Ferris Animal Shelter, he has found the good life in Plano.  His Mama works at Legacy Pet Resort where he spends much of his time wrestling with his friends.


We love seeing how happy our dogs are in their foster homes and their forever homes. Remember, keep sending the updates!  We love sharing the good news!

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