Sept 13th – Only the Good Stuff – Pupdate

Every day in rescue we could write about the bad stuff . . . .
We could tell you of all the sad stories we hear and those we could not save.

But, we must focus on the Good Stuff or Happy Endings . . . . or better yet, the Happy Beginnings.  If we don’t also focus on the successes, both BIG and small, then we would never survive as rescuers.

So celebrate with us, as we share, some of the Good Stuff.

Happy Endings

Happy Beginning:  Adoptions

That is Bob and Ava.  Bob was formerly known as Grimes.  We keep receiving these AWESOME photos from his Dads.  He is in love with his sister Ava.  They are inseparable!

Unless, it is time for some cuddling!

Then Ava is on her own for cuddles.  This couch is taken!


We love seeing our dogs so happy in their Forever Homes!  Keep sending those photos Adopters!


Recognize that upside down pup snoozing?  Well, if his eyes were open, you would know that is Victor (nka Fitz).  This guy was the shyest of Hope’s babies.  Seems he has come into his own and loves attention from anyone he meets.

Hmmmmmm, sounds like Mama Hope!


And remember Ginger?
It wasn’t too long ago that she was dumped on a country road in East Texas with her babies, Annie & Ollie.  Here she is now, loving her new home where she spends the day chasing squirrels.  Her family loves her so very much!

We love hearing the Happy Beginnings of so many of our adopted dogs.  That is Good Stuff!!

Happy Beginnings:  Transitions & Healing


Here is an updated photo from Hero.  Can you believe the transformation?  He is living and healing now at Great Shepherd Rescue and Sanctuary.  Does he not look amazing?

Hero was the skeleton of a dog that came off of Dowdy Ferry, so close to death.  We won’t show you those photos here.  It isn’t Good Stuff.  But, you can read his story here or here.

Another Dowdy Ferry boy has found his way to a Foster Home.  You most likely can’t tell that this is Brinkley.  By the looks of it, this mellow guy has settled right into the good life.

14322400_10153659994940378_8340982138444226461_nBrinkley’s vet visit today was awesome!  He can now have his bandage removed for good and can have a BATH!!  I know his Foster Mom is excited about that!!

Brinkley is such an amazing boy.  The thought that he had been dumped, injured and starving is just inconceivable.  (Somehow I always here that word as said like a small balding man on The Princess Bride.)

Okay, so Hope’s Foster Mom and her fabulous pack (Coal, Mr. Newmore, Shorty, Minnie (np), Charlie (np) and Fuzzy (also np) have welcomed a new foster into their home.  Greta!!

Greta is one of the G girls from Wilmer.  She is the tall lanky one in the back that is learning that treat time is the best time to gather.  That and meal time.  She is finally enjoying meal time.  Transitions and healing . . . . it is what foster homes do.


Just a reminder that Minnie, Mr. Newmore and Charlie are all TMHPR dogs!  They are awesome at welcoming a new foster and reassuring them that life only gets better from here.

And last of the Good Stuff . . . . this awesome selfie taken by Sol!
(Okay, so Sol doesn’t have thumbs, so her Foster Mom helped her out.)


Sol came through her spay surgery fabulously!  Now she continues to take her antibiotic to prepare her for Heartworm Treatment.  Healing . . . fosters give them lots of time to heal and prepare for that Forever Home.

Today, that is some of the good stuff.  Adopters, rescuers, resident packs and fosters . . . . it takes a village to do what we do.  And we thank each and every one of you who are a part of our team!

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