Sept. 11th – Pupdate – G-Girls

Where, oh where, have the Pupdates gone?
No stories, no photos and no updates of dogs finding a better life!

Well, WE ARE BACK!!!  And we have been busy rescuing dogs who need our help!
Meet the G-girls.


We have been SO VERY busy taking in dogs that we have lost track of what day it is, really!!

When we have adoptions, new fosters and new sponsorships – it means we can save lives!! And saving is what it is all about . . .

Look of Freedom

So, let us introduce you to the most recent saves from a very rural town, where there is a new revival of sorts . . . . one to help their abandoned animals find a rescue where they will have a 2nd chance at life.

Road to Freedom

So, this is where we start.  The road out . . . .
This is where the HAPPY begins . . . .

One truck, two women, four females, two female puppies and an army of TMHPR support behind us . . . .

IMG_5892 2
We thought we were going after five babies, a male and a female.  But, when we saw big dogs, we didn’t think twice, well we may have thought, “What in the heck are we going to do with all of these big dogs in this truck?”

But, it was a fleeting thought.  And we dosed everyone with Capstar (cause the fleas were almost as bad as the smell), and started loading them up.  (We can bomb the truck later to kill the fleas.)

Have you ever tried to wrangle dogs that are scared to the point of bucking on a leash, smelly, flea infested dogs?  Tried to shove a pill hidden in cheese in their mouth, while you try not to breath through your nose cause you might vomit?  All while trying to determine if you are going to get bit?

It is something you will never forget.


So, we drove.  We held our nose.  We breathed through our mouths and we drove.  We drove North on 75 all the way back to Richardson.

IMG_5903Gretchen seemed to know what a Freedom Ride was all about.  She never stopped smiling.

Gretchen:  the most outgoing

And she embraced the role as co-pilot.  She even managed to sneak a kiss to Elise.  Just the beginning of a healthier and happier life.

So, two vomits and one pile of diarrhea later, we found ourselves and this stinky bunch back at the Adoption Center.  I never said this rescuing gig was easy or sexy!

Decompression Begins

IMG_5911 2
Gracie:  recent mom; super cuddly

Are these girls (all 6 of these family members are female) absolutely adorable?!  We are thinking we have some sort of designer breed that uses their breeding stock for about a year and then discards them at the poorest of animal shelters.  Tossed out like garbage.  No longer needed.  Schnauzer?  Airdale?  Wolfhound?  Maybe Schnockers?  Whatever they are, they are amazing.

Greta: cautious & trying to trust

So, the G-Girls have joined Take Me Home Pet Rescue.  They all look very similar, but they have their very own personalities.

Gisella: most fearful, but working to be brave

All four of the big girls have settled into the adoption center for 10 days now.  They still eat very little and have had to be so brave.  Never been on a leash, never touched grass . . . . never seen the sky . . . . scared of the expansive space that is the outdoors.  But, progress is made every day.  And we thank our volunteers for their hours of hard work.

Gretchen & Gisella leashes are not evil

But, what about those tiny babies?

The tiniest of the bunch?
They are Gabby & Ginny.  Ginny (the one with the white on her chest) was not feeling well upon intake.  She made it through a rough couple of nights.  And as she began to feel better, Gabby fell ill.


Gabby, here playing with a toy before she fell ill, has been in the hospital for 7 days now.  She was diagnosed with Parvo and has been fighting for her life.  This adorable girl, who had so much to say on that first night, deserves a happy life.  Good thoughts lots of prayers are needed for this little fighter.


So, this is just the beginning of the many stories from the last couple of weeks.  All six of these girls need sponsors.  They have mounting vetting costs, including:   Gabby’s hospital stay, plasma, vaccinations, HW tests and dewormer.  It all adds up – and that is where we need your help.

Please share the story of the G-Girls’ rescue.  And check back for more updates on their health and road to a happy life!

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