Saving Desiree’s Life

Saving Desiree’s Life

This is sweet Desiree. She is a 2 year old Yorkie mix left at Dallas Animal Services just a few weeks ago, after her right front leg became severely infected. Apparently, she experienced a traumatic open fracture to the leg, where both the ulna and radius were fractured and protruding from the skin. Because the wound was open, it allowed germs to enter and the wound became infected. The owners of this little girl were not able to afford proper vet care and allowed someone to tape a splint onto her leg. So the leg which was already seriously damaged also became infected for not being cared for properly. This led to necrosis of the limb and caused it to die which brought severe pain to the little Desiree.

Fortunately, two of our TMHPR Volunteers were at the shelter picking up a chow pup with a broken leg the same day this sweet girl was left. Our volunteers were approached about taking in Desiree as well. Seeing her in so much pain broke our hearts. We took one look at her mangled leg and contacted our amazing veterinarian who agreed to take a second dog with severe injuries that same day. Because her limb was “dead” Desiree experienced a right leg amputation at the shoulder and has completely recovered. She is living in a loving foster home with three other little dogs and her foster mom reports she is a total love bug! Desiree was already spayed so we had her vaccinations updated and she is now micro-chipped too.

This type of rescue does not come without a hefty price tag. We really need your help to cover Desiree’s expensive leg surgery. She is a darling dog that deserved a second chance. She will be available for adoption soon. Please help if you can and share her story so that we can cover her expenses.

Surgery 950.00 (includes X-rays, exam, pain medications, antibiotics, suture removal)
Vaccinations 40.00
HW check 25.00
Flea treatment 10/month
Heart worm prevention 10/month
TOTAL: $1035

Please visit her fundraising page here to help spread the word about Desiree and to help us raise funds to cover her medical care.

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