Right At Home – At Pottery Barn

Right-At-Home“In a perfect world, every dog would have a home and every home would have a dog.”

Recently we’ve been given the opportunity to visit Pottery Barn in the Galleria Mall with our adoptable dogs… twice!

If you look close enough, you can see Kodi hanging out with a sweet family that stopped by to say “Hi!”

This is truly a one-of-a-kind type of adoption event that we love to participate in. A handful of our available dogs are given free run of the store where they can lounge on luxurious couches, relax on beautiful rugs, and snuggle up to adorable pillows! It’s a win-win situation – our animals are seen in a “home” setting, where they are more appealing to adopters, and Pottery Barn’s vignettes are furnished with a dog or two for an added touch.

Check out some of our favorite photos from these two events:

Rory brought an antler to chew on at this weekend’s adoption event.

"We had so much fun with @takemehomepetrescue today!! If you're looking for a new friend for the holidays, reach out to our store or @takemehomepetrescue !!!!"
“We had so much fun with Take Me Home Pet Rescue today!! If you’re looking for a new friend for the holidays, reach out to our store or Take Me Home Pet Rescue!!!!”

She had fun losing the antler in a sea of pillows, then digging into the pillows to find it!


She’s a silly little girl that has a big personality.


Rory even came dressed in her fanciest holiday attire. Can you stand it?! Rory’s still searching for her forever home, read more about her here.

Molly also came dressed to the nines this weekend.


She was nice and calm for most of the event – except when she wanted to talk to the other dogs!IMG_8221

Molly came all the way from Mexico to become a Take Me Home Pet Rescue dog, so naturally she wants to wish everyone “¡Feliz Navidad!”

Windsor has been lucky enough to visit Pottery Barn twice.

"We had a blast today with our friends from Take Me Home Pet Rescue!!! Please contact either of us if you are interested in fostering or adopting!!!!"
“We had a blast today with our friends from Take Me Home Pet Rescue!!! Please contact either of us if you are interested in fostering or adopting!!!!”

He’s a perfect gentleman each time, so while we all hope he finds his forever home soon, we also love having him at events!


Just look at him eating up all the attention from adults and children alike. Do you have an active family? You may be just the right fit for Windsor, learn more about him here.


PS – Do you remember Fitzroy? (Of course you do). Well, funny thing is, Cooper and Fitz have the same shirt, check it out.

Mr. Kodi was our official greeter this weekend!


Kodi did great with all of the kids and adults that came through the front doors of Pottery Barn in the Galleria this past Saturday.


He wore his handsome scarf and in doing so he managed to convince a few kids that he is half Great Pyrenees and half POLAR BEAR!


These kids were a bit too old to fall for the polar bear bit, but they sure fell for the belly rub bit!  Everyone that stopped by had to pet this big fur-ball, he was exhausted by the end of the adoption event.

Kodi is what we consider a true companion dog, he just wants to be where his people are – and maybe you could be his people!

Buddy Bell‘s first adoption event was a great one.


Buddy Bell was getting a bit tired of hanging out at the adoption center, so he found a foster home where he could kick back and relax for a bit. Truly, he was only home for a few hours when his new foster mom was asked to bring him to Pottery Barn to he could meet potential adopters.

As you can tell, he quite liked lounging among the soft blankets and warm pillows at the back of the store. He even matched the decor’s color scheme! You just have to see Mr. Buddy Bell in more holiday attire, here on his profile.

Jefferson & Charlotte hung out in the puppy zone.


Charlotte chose her own outfit to wear to Pottery barn – a gold dress of course! Her foster mom gave her many options, but this is the only one she could stand keeping on for more than a minute.

During her time at Pottery Barn, she learned that there are lots of nice people that want to pet her and hold her. She can’t wait until one picks her up and takes her home with them, could that be you?Jefferson

Jefferson also wore an outfit, but basically it acted as a blanket as all he wanted to do was nap! He had just attended Meet & Greet at the adoption center, where he hung out with puppy friends and burned off all his energy. It’s been proven time and time again, this puppy is a All Star napper – he will make the best cuddle bug for a loving family someday soon.

Last but not least – Kennedy & Libby were center-stage.


These two silly girls had a great time hanging out in the middle of the store – on a massive white couch that matched them both! They were given loads of attention by kids and adults, and also managed to secure a bunch of doggie treats.


Kennedy met with a few potential adopters at Pottery Barn, so after they left she crashed for a good while. She was exhausted, but that didn’t keep her from entertaining humans as they passed by.


Libby loves to lounge and play on the couches in her foster home, but silly girl would not get up on the couches at Pottery Barn until she was utterly exhausted. She can’t wait until she has a couch in her forever home to hang out on, read more about her here.

We hope to be back soon!

IMG_1728We’re already in talks to return to Pottery Barn in the Galleria Mall following the holiday season. We hope you can join us next time to meet some of our adoptable dogs and do a bit of shopping too! Keep an eye on our Facebook page for updates on upcoming events.

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