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Fosters Save Lives.  It is one of TMHPR’s favorite slogans to quote because it is so true.

Foster Homes are also an amazing way to get to know a dog, prior to adoption.  This is a key component to finding a successful Forever Home.  Due to the hard work of our fosters, we are able to provide a Pup Highlight on Windsor.

Windsor Featured Pup

Windsor is a big brown dog.

You’re like, “DUH!!!  I can see that, Vanessa!”

Well, it can be a disadvantage for a dog.  I mean he is cute, has a great smile and loves every human and canine he meets.  But, if you walk into a room of 4 -5 dogs who are all looking for forever homes, well the fluffy ones, spotted ones, baby ones and the goofy ones with silly ears are going to get noticed first.

Not Windsor.  Which is sad for all of the brown homeless dogs.
So, we need to dig a little deeper into who this boy really is.
(Yep, I am leaving “is” at the end of that sentence.  We are saving dogs here, not checking grammar.)


Photos of him in a home environment tell so much more.
He loves the backyard!!
He walks fabulously on a leash.  (Runs well too, I might add.)
He loves humans, BIG ones or small ones.  He loves them.

He loves car rides.  Even in the front seat of an itty bitty Civic.


Car rides mean an adventure.
He is not picky Hollywood Feed, PetSmart, 1/2 Price Books, outdoor patio, Nature Trail, Dog Park . . . he just wants to be included.
And his manners allow him to enjoy all of these places without getting you or him into trouble. (My subtle way of saying he doesn’t mark.)


But, we do think he needs a human friend.  Big or little, he needs someone in his life that is his buddy. Go places, walk, run, hike, nap and cuddle.  He needs someone who will be, forever his.

2016-07-02 15.51.51

Don’t get us wrong, he loves to be in a pack as well, but we know he needs an active person, who is his.  (Oh, and he wanted me to mention that he doesn’t want to live with a cat.)

Windsor is now accepting applications to be “his Forever Person”.  He would love to set up an interview to make sure you are what he is looking for.
(Yep, ended that sentence like that too.)

For more information, please visit our website to learn more about our Adoption process.

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