Pup Highlight – Francis – Pupdate

This is Francis.

Francis became a TMHPR dog, by sheer luck.
He stumbled his way into just the right backyard.
And the rest . . . well we are at that point where we find him a fabulous home.

Pup Highlight Francis

Not enough info, huh?  So what is his story?
Well, first let me say that Francis has been in the TMHPR photo studio and took some great photos! How can you mess up photos with ears like that??!!

And his smile . . . while goofy, is pretty stinking endearing!
Here he is smiling with his buddy, Ryder at a Meet & Greet event.


So, those photos . . . . of all the thousands of photos I have taken, none have been “damaged or unsupported” during upload . . . except for Francis’ photos!  So, now poor Francis has to do it all over again.  Unless, unless we find him a home with this blog.

Okay, back to the beginning . . . . several months ago, like about 6 months ago . . . Francis was wandering a certain neighborhood in Dallas.  Have no clue how he got there.  It was clear he had been roaming for a while, or uncared for, for a while cause he was skinny.  No collar, no tags and as it turns out, no chip and a case of nasty heart worms.


So, friends in the neighborhood had been discussing poor Francis on their Neighborhood website and were trying to find a way to help the boy.  Well, one evening Francis took a likely to one of our volunteer’s dogs and followed them home.  But, he stopped just short of going in the gate to the backyard.

The TMHPR volunteer & her dogs moved on inside, leaving the gate open.  Little did Francis know that a neighbor was watching and waiting.  You see eventually curiosity got the best of Francis and he had to see where his new friends went.  Just as he entered the backyard, the neighbor closed the gate.  He was officially caught!


For Francis that was a good thing.  It meant he could come inside.
Not that he understood that at first.  Inside was scary.  Inside was new.

But, he quickly learned that inside was where he always wants to be, forever.

You see Francis is now healthy, happy, gentle and is very loyal to anyone who has earned his trust.

His Foster Mom is his favorite person in the whole wide world.  You see, his Foster Mom shut the gate. She waited for him to be brave and walk in.


And now she is helping Francis be brave and start a new life with his Forever Family.  She is being very patient and waiting.  Francis is an amazing boy!  He is ready to give his heart, soul and all of his love to HIS person.

Please share Francis’ story, so we can help him find his Forever Home.  He would do well with a good pack or buddy to show him that life can be enjoyed in his new home.

For more information about Francis, or ow you can help sponsor his medical bills, visit his Razoo at this link:  Francis:  Injured Stray Dog

Or if you would like to meet Francis, please visit our website and fill out an adoption Application.

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