Pup Highlight – Flower Girls – Pupdate

Today we want to feature our littlest of puppies, our Flower Girls!
These itty bitties are tiny in size, but large in personality.

Pup Highlight Flower Girls

So, with these tiny babies coming out of a rural shelter, just South of Dallas, we were quite intrigued with their breed, so a DNA test was ordered, a quick cheek swab of one sister, and off to the lab it went.


The vet was betting on a Chihuahua/Beagle mix based on their faces, ears and tiny size.  And she was not far off!

We are calling them our little Chockers!!  They are made up, predominately of Chihuahua and Cocker, with a little small breed mutt in there on one side of the family tree.


But, no matter what breed . . . . they are nothing short of ADORABLE!!
They made their first appearance at the Adoption Center this week and they captured everyone’s hearts.  They played, snuggled and napped . . . . and then did it all over again.

TMHPR are very diligent in finding the PERFECT homes for our dogs.  When placing a small breed dog, we take this job very seriously.

Tiny legs, tiny eyes, and tiny stature means homes where tiny dogs are cared for very carefully. Just the wrong step, jump or twist and a ligament can be pulled or a bone broken.


So, while the pups are off enjoying their time in a foster home . . . . we will be accepting applications for these littles.  Visit our website to fill out an application and start the process!

Want to make a difference in the lives of these little girls?

How about sponsoring one of them to help them receive the vet care, vaccinations, dewormer, heartworm medication, spay surgery and microchipping they need.  This fabulous start to a long & healthy life can be sponsored by YOU!



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