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So many times it feels like we ask for more and more in rescue.
Dogs are hungry, send food.
Dogs are cold, send blankets.
Dogs are sick, send money for vet bills.
For today, let’s focus on something good . . . . Duchess

Duchess Featured Pup

Just a few weeks ago this beautiful, scared, skinny and hurting GSD was brought to Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR).  She had been literally (witnessed) thrown out of a car window with her brother.  She hit the ground, face first shattering four teeth.


Amazingly she held no ill will toward humans.  A little timid at first, but quickly learned that we were here to help her.  Our hands were kind; and our words were soft.


She had her dental surgery, spay surgery and is now free of parasites.  She feels better physically and mentally.  She is learning that other dogs will not hurt her and that humans will return home when they go away.

Today Duchess was given the opportunity to spend the day in a home.  Here is how she reacted to the HUGE backyard!

Now Texas is hot during the middle of August . . . . so Duchess quickly returned to the cool of the living room floor where she could relax and play with a few toys.

Now, what does Duchess need now?

You knew we had to ask for something, right?  I mean you didn’t think you were going to get away from an update that easy were you?

Duchess needs a foster.  Duchess needs an adopter.
Duchess needs you to share her story.  That’s how we find those fosters and adopters.

Want to read her entire story?  Or share more of her story?  Click here.

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