All of our adoptions are special, but some are just a little more of a tear jerker than others. Zen is one of those that tugs at the heart strings.

Zen was adopted about 5 years ago as a young pup from TMHPR. This year she lost one of her Mom’s to illness and that was just the beginning of her loss.

You see, her other Mom was no longer strong enough to give her the walks she so loved. And she needed to move into a living situation that would not be good for Zen. So, she did the best thing for her . . . . she allowed us to find her a FABULOUS home!

Rehoming an adult dog can be a bit of a challenge. But, what many don’t understand is that while the puppy breath is gone, what remains is a well-mannered, well-adjusted dog who has been loved and cherished all of her life. The piercing beautiful eyes ready to welcome a new set of parents who will provide for her, just as the first ones did.

Zen is so very happy in her new home. We thank her first adopters for providing a wonderful life for Zen, for as long as they could. And thank them for being unselfish enough to allow us to find her another home with just as much love.

We love you Zen! Have a fabulous life!

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