Windsor aka Cooper

Sometimes we are so overwhelmed with the incoming animals, vet bills and volunteer schedules that we forget to stop and share the celebrations of Forever Families!

About a year ago we welcomed Windsor into the Take Me Home Pet Rescue family. This sweet boy had an unfair start to his life and it took time for him to gain confidence and trust in the love he so deserved.

K-9 University helped him and his foster grow his confidence and he has become the fabulous dog we always knew he could be! He has provided countless laughs, hugs, snuggles and doggie kisses.

We waited for the perfect home. His new Daddy wanted a dog buddy. And that is just what Windor (now Copper) wanted to be. He hugged his Daddy immediately upon meeting him. It is like he already knew.

They are loving, patient, and just the right fit! His canine brother has accepted him and they chase the squirrels together! Thank you to our foster who was willing to wait and find him that perfect home!

We love you, Windsor!

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