Tater Tot

It is a Happy Beginning kind of day!!

Tater Tot has found his Forever Home!!! This cutie started out his journey running around a rural trailer park eating from the trash cans and drinking from standing puddles. Every attempt by Animal Control to snag him, ended with him getting away.

So, they set a trap with some yummy food and snagged this quick boy!! Boy was he a mess!! His poor digestive system was riddled with parasites. TMHPR worked to get him well and find him the perfect home.

Along came his Dads and his new brother, Deke. One Dad works from home, so the boys are very rarely alone. And boy do they love to play together!! And when not wrestling or playing chase, you will find them napping on the couch.

Talk about a rags to riches life!! Have a fabulous life Tater Tot!! Send photos often!!

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