Quinn & Kalo

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Sit back and let me tell you a story. An Adoption Story of two beautiful young dogs who started out life in the same area, same shelter, but rescued a couple months apart. Now living a life together, FOREVER.

Kalo, was found tied up outside of a rural shelter when the officers came into work. A couple days later, his sister (assumed because the looked just alike) was found running down a highway. Sister, Noir was outgoing, Kalo hid behind her. She was brave for him.

Kalo was so shy that it took him months to learn that no one would hurt him and his foster mom helped build his confidence through training classes.

Quinn, also found as a stray in the same area, was rescued just a couple of months after Kalo. She was immediately taken in by a foster and she was destined to never to leave. She quickly became Princess Quinn.

Along came the need for Kalo to have a temporary place to lay his head, while his foster was out of town. He went to play with Princess Quinn and NEVER returned home. This boy has found his wrestling partner and his human for life.

We love these two babies, who join Noelle another TMHPR dog. And we so love and appreciate their Mom, Nancy for loving all of them so very much!

Congrats babies!! We look forward to having you visit our Adoption Center so very often!!

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