We never like seeing a TMHPR dog returned for any reason. We work so hard to make the “right match” the first time.

(That is why we ask so many questions. We require meeting all family members and we complete home visits when delivering the dog to the home.)

A TMHPR dog is ALWAYS a TMHPR dog. So, when Mika’s family reached out to us for help, after 7 years, we were there to help. Mika had lost her Dad, her Mom had fallen ill and her human brother did not have the ability to provide for all her needs. So, we set out to find her a perfect family, again.

As you can see, we think we found her the perfect fit, AGAIN.

Mika is now an Aggie and her family loves her so very much.

If you have ever thought about fostering or adopting an older or mature dog, we highly encourage you to give it a try. There is nothing more heart warming than a dog who cried and cried when she lost her 1st family, finding her 2nd chance!

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