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We are so excited to announce that Ian has found the PuRRRRFECT Forever Home. This sweet boy who came to us with a very damaged eye has found his place in this world.

You see Ian has been trying to tell us for months that he is a dog. He loves to play fetch and hang out with his canine buds. He is quite certain he is NOT a cat. And will not put up with hanging out with felines.

So, we found him the perfect family where these ginormous shepherds wanted a feline companion. And Ian was happy to join the canine pack.

This couple is a fabulous find for Take Me Home Pet Rescue. They have so much shepherd knowledge and are willing to help us on our BIG shepherd cases.

Thank you for finding Ian and giving him a fabulous home. And thank you for donating your time and knowledge when we have needed it most!

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