Found in a rural area in East Texas, it was clear that Cowboy had been wandering on his own for quite some time. He had hair loss on his back from a flea allergy and his gait was a bit off.

Fast forward months after being rescued, a loving and knowledgable foster home and lots of patience to find his Forever Family. It truly was as if he were just the missing piece who belonged. This photo shows all of the smiles, but the outtakes showed all of the kisses Cowboy gave to his new family.

Happy life sweet boy!

Thank you to all who had a role in this boys’ journey. We couldn’t do it without you!

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  • That makes me sooooo happy! Cowboy is smart and sweet and deserves a wonderful life! I’m so glad to know he’s got a great new family–and a pool! Doggie paradise!

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