Pokemon Puppies – Pupdate

The Pokemon CRAZE is back.

I didn’t understand it the first time, and clearly after 20 years, nothing has changed, I still don’t get it.  This time around it involves capturing various Pokemon characters while “on the go” or something like that.

Well Take Me Home Pet Rescue (TMHPR) has their own version of Pokemon, Pokemon Puppies.  And wait until you see this cuteness.

Pokemon Blog

So, before you get to the cuteness, yes that is coming.  You gotta get through some pretty rough stuff.  We talk about it often, it is a labor of love to volunteer for an animal rescue.  We take the injured and the sick and nurse them back to health.  We risk our hearts as we care for the unloved & forgotten.  And it is so worth it!

It takes a team, an amazing team.  So many different people with many different gifts working together.  Today, I wanted to show you what we mean by the TMHPR team.  And what a fabulous team we have!


So, the call goes out via Facebook, text and the old fashioned phone calls.  We have 7 shepherd puppies coming in from a rural shelter.  We need “all hands on deck” to get the 9 week old pups settled into the Adoption Center!!

So much to do to get this boys and girls settled.

First need, a Transporter.  That is 7 dogs in 3 carriers to be moved from the shelter to the Adoption Center.  Transporters give up a couple hours of their time. Arrive at the shelter, haul the pups to the car. Pray they don’t vomit in transit and listen to the sounds of fear and uncertainty coming from those crates during the roadtrip.

Preparations at the Adoption Center have already begun for the little Pokemon Puppies. Prepare the ISO Room – newspaper, beds, toys, water and their first real meal – all in place before their arrival.

Bring on the volunteers, cause this is where the work begins!


After initial arrival the intake exams, vaccinations and paperwork begins.  Keeping 7 new puppies straight when they all look very similar is not an easy task.  Documenting the presence of hair loss on tails, severe malnutrition and lots of fleas and ticks.

“Has anyone seen any worms in poop???  Write it down, if you do!”  (For real)

Then it is bath time for the Pokemon Puppies.  The assembly line continues.  Lets get all of those fleas and ticks off as fast as possible.  Capstar, Frontline – all on board.  They are starting to feel better all ready!


TMHPR believes everyone has a gift, and we want to help you use that gift.  The group was founded by stay at home moms and their children, rescuing one animal at a time.  So, we continue that tradition.

School is out . . . . calling all families . . . . we have puppies to dry and cuddle.  Want to bond with that tween or teen?  It happens when puppies are involved.  They can’t help but smile, put down the phone or DS and love on a dog.  So, when we were determining a naming style for this group of pups  . . . . Pokemon characters seemed to just fit.  So many young people helping with this rescue.


This was most likely these puppies had this much handling by humans.  They came in scared, timid and huddled together out of fear.  This was their first interaction with kind, loving humans who wanted to give the chance for a fabulous life.  And by the end of intake . . . . they all knew they were safe and loved.

Pokemon Puppies

The Pokemon Puppies’ story does not end here.  They have been through the treatment of horrible parasites, Diancie spent several days in the hospital with Parvo.  And Eevee continues to fight the horrible disease at the hospital.  The vet bills will be large.

But, currently most of the puppies are healthy and almost ready for adoption.  If you know anyone looking for a smart and beautiful shepherd mix pup to add to their family, please refer them to our website to fill out an application.  And please share the story of this fabulous litter.

More on their story coming soon!

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    • Hi Robin,

      When you submit an application that lets us know which puppy you’re interested in meeting. We will then review your application and can setup a time for you to meet. Often times this is during our Meet & Greet adoption event on Saturday, but sometimes certain dogs or puppies will not be at the Meet & Greet so a different appointment time is set.

      Please let me know if you have any questions!

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