Our heartworm positive dogs need your help!

When we agree to take in a dog we most likely won’t know if they are heartworm positive or not until their intake appointment at the vet. Something that is so preventable is unfortunately one of our most common and most expensive conditions to treat. Paying for heartworm treatment is financially draining for a rescue, yet we believe that this shouldn’t be a defining factor whether we can save a dog’s life.

Today, we have one of the largest number of dogs (Nine!) receiving treatment that we’ve ever had. Please read below for more on these 9 “heartworm dogs”.

Meet Willie! Willie and his sisters came to us after his owner passed away. Willie has a terrible cough, so we got him to the vet right away. X-rays showed that Willie’s heartworms had progressed so far that he had a number of worms in his lungs. Willie has begun the treatment protocol and has a tough road over the next few months, but we are committed to getting this sweet boy healthy.

Here are a few photos showing what heart worm treatment looks like. Content warning: heartworm treatment includes injections

Please find it in your heart to help save their hearts! We are raising funds today to cover the cost of heartworm treatment for Willie and these 8 other wonderful, amazing, loving dogs.

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